Zimbabwe’s Military must STAND with the People

    ZDF Commander; General Philip Valerio Sibanda
    ZDF Commander; General Philip Valerio Sibanda

    The Military is using tactics used in war time too instil fear and also mental torture.

    A trained military person can cope. It is not permissible that such pain is inflicted on ordinary citizens. This is unconstitutional and reflects the problem many observers highlighted about post-independent Zimbabwe.

    By Shoneboy Nembaware.

    When someone has been in combat, they go through trauma. some of the stress tactics emerged during liberation war.

    In Military training there is something called Chitigu, were a truant soldier can be disciplined either by running, carrying a log or swimming in very cold water. It is unfortunate that some in military are putting citizens through military discipline tactics.

    Is there any empathy, is there any patriotism when the Army inflict pain on ordinary citizens, even without consideration of medical condition of some citizens?

    The beating of women is shameful, for no Zimbabwean woman is supposed to be beaten up by any man. Women already carry the burden of reproducing on behalf of the nation, it is unethical that the Army men indiscriminately beat up women.

    Without much ado, even in international military protocol torture is not promoted and all forms of torture techniques are not allowed.

    The bottom line is Povo and the Army are one entity with a social contract bound within the constitutional duty of the Army protecting citizens.

    Why are we doing this against ourselves?

    Whether it’s violence of the public towards security personnel or vice versa.

    Why are we doing this to ourselves ?

    No Zimbabwean should ever be shot at, especially by another Zimbabwean.

    The power of the Army is within our constitution.

    No property is worth protecting at the expense of one life of a Zimbabwean.

    Where is our empathy and human values when we use state institutions to cause suffering and duress among ordinary Zimbabweans?

    It should occur among our Military that acts of violence and harm to wellbeing of citizens can be accounted in due time, and while it may appear that the Army are the ultimate force, their actions are accountable to people’s constitution.

    One day all the atrocities will have to be accounted for and perpetrators will be held to account.

    Most Zimbabweans want the Military to enjoy their pensions once they retire, not drag them to courts for crimes against humanity.

    Zimbabweans want to be proud of the Army that stand by the People and is for the People.

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