Zim lacks fearless Opposition leaders

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa flanked by MDC Alliance VPs Welshman Ncube (left) and Tendai Biti (right)
MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa flanked by MDC Alliance VPs Welshman Ncube (left) and Tendai Biti (right)

By Onismo Soraidema

Those of my age have waited since the 90s for a change. We have waited enough to the point of us becoming prisoners of hope, anticipating elusive change.

We thought one day a revolution would set us free. Now we have to contend with the unbearable reality that nothing is going to change at least for the foreseeable future.                 

 The country lacks fearless leaders in the opposition front. I strongly believe that the current leaders in the opposition are too civilised and level headed to lead a revolution that can topple a revolutionary party that plays it dirty like Zanu PF.

Zanu PF is led by cadres who toppled a ruthless regime in the mould of the Rhodesia Front and the specially secretive and well resourced Selous Scouts under Ian Douglas Smith. It is foolhardy to expect a bunch of disjointed, disunited lawyers like Chamisa and Biti to topple a military regime that masquerades as a political party.

On 01 August 2018 a peoples movement was ruthlessly crashed by the army in broad daylight in front of local and international journalists. It was a perfect opportunity for the MDC to claim its stolen presidential vote by staging sustained protests and demonstrations.

It is important for those who desire change to realise that a revolution is spontaneous. It is a series of events that simultaneously occur, both natural and human driven. Like Nelson Mandela allude to in his biography No Easy Walk To Freedom, no one, even a prudent and astute politician can control or brainstorm political turnarounds. Henceforth, the least a politician or rather politicians can do is to seize opportunities.

That can only be done by a movement not a political party. Political parties are easily controlled, intimidated and whipped in line because they are organizations with a physical address. A movement involves everyone, left right and centre that is not easily targeted .

Robert Mugabe was a benefactor and a victim of a revolution when he came to power and when he finally met his demise.  A revolution is unstoppable. As long as we have belief in political parties that seek permission from Zanu PF to hold rallies and demonstrations, then our freedom remains Utopian vision.

Despots have an aura of capturing tiers of government and use them to ruthlessly demoralise and demobilise perceived danger. Zanu-PF learnt everything and forgot nothing from the Smith regime.                       

Too much belief in “soft and lawful approaches yield nothing as shown by the time Zimbabwe had been under black minority rule. Unruly behaviour is uncalled for but that only applies when dealing with lawful, civilised and honest people not the beast nature of the ruling party.

It boggles the mind how MDC lawyers take to the gallery to wrestle for power with guerrillas. They are fine lawyers, well read and articulate but what the guerrillas do is to capture the courts and leave you to parrot your law lungs out and pass the judgment themselves. They brazenly steal elections, you  report to them and expect to win? They simply pass the judgment and you cry.

How can the goats take their disputes to the hyenas for arbitration against the same hyenas and expect a fair judgement? A fair judgement is not in the interests the hyenas because they starve to death. Any dispute that threatens the survival of MDC Alliance cannot be heard fairly but the system courts, it’s taboo for them to offer a lifeline to the enemy lest the judges become jobless.

Now they are determining who should lead your own political party.

Zanu-PF is smart in attacking its enemy by using rented allies and state institutions. Chamisa and company must put on battle combat and draw a fight of equal measure.

They should prove their mettle. Being youthful alone is not enough. Youthful leaders are known to be ruthless and confrontational. It’s a war. Zanu PF will never give the stick of power on a silver platter.

Its important to remember that when they were the youth of their time they fought for it. They have shown beyond any reasonable doubt that they don’t intend to share the spoils. Waging a struggle of equal measure would rescue this nation from catastrophic collapse.

The revolution tree is watered by the sweat and blood of its martyrs.