Zanu PF “dirty” money rocks MDC

Reinstated MDC-T Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora
Reinstated MDC-T Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora

By Liberty Makusha

HARARE – Embattled MDC-T president Thokozani Khupe is embroiled in a storm of selling out the revolution, TSTnews reports.

TSTnews is in possession of a video circulating on social media, showing the opposition leader openly and unashamedly acknowledging  that her primary aim is to make money in politics.

She said: “I am in politics because l love money. We are all here because we want MONEY. I personally love a better life. Money speaks.”

Her statements resonates well with Joyce Mujuru’s allegations that politicians are being offered staggering huge perks to destablise real threat posed to Zanu PF by the Nelson Chamisa MDC-Alliance

LEAD president Linda Masarira who once worked closely with Thokozani Khupe as a spokesperson of MDCT admitted that the party benefited from Zanu PF largesse.

She said: “We were receiving money from Zanu PF. I just wanted to show that we are being forced to fight over nothing. Zanu PF was funding the MDCT”.

TSTnews pressed Masarira to produce evidence that exposes the illicit money exchanged between Khupe and Zanu PF, she reiterated that evidence is not produced to journalists but to the police.

In a related chilling warning directed to Chamisa, former VP Mujuru said the opposition party should always be vigilant, watching against Zanu PF political mind games and shenanigans.

Mujuru said: ” So this is not the time to sit under a tree and drink whisky and have cooks with girls. This is a war”.

“You have two raging wars, CoronaVirus and this obvious one. In times of war, there are situation rooms dissecting every structure and situation,” said the veteran of the war of liberation.

She also revealed that her former political party uses unorthodox means of setting rivals at each other’s throats.

” They do what’s called bait and bleed, that is induce to rival factions to engage in a protracted war of attrition against each other so that they bleed each other.”

TSTnews has learnt that the current fight between the two main MDC camps illustrates how the parties have fallen prey to the bait and bleed strategy.

Money is being used as the bait for attracting politicians into the dog fight while Zanu PF maintains its strangle hold to the levers of power

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