Zanu PF: Defending the indefensible

VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa during happier times.
VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa during happier times.

Debating politics in Zimbabwe is now very difficult mainly because of the polarized nature of our society and the survival mentality we have. I know many people who have repented and now defend the indefensible for very narrow selfish reasons.

By Farai Magawu

Any Government that deploys the military to brutalize citizens in their homes is evil and can’t be defended by any rational person whose heart is in the right place.

Obviously, many people are tired of opposing a murderous regime and have refined their narratives to sanctify rape and murder as long as it keeps them on the feeding trough.

Zimbabwe shall start moving forward when we unite in condemning evil and speaking out about the country, we want with a Government legitimately elected and one that puts human security at the centre of all its activities.

Government must give us comfort and security.

Not deploying soldiers to rape women, breaking down people’s homes and beating up people indiscriminately including at funerals.

And we still have some who can stand up to defend such acts of Satanism

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