ZANU PF: A case of Vandalizing the Economy

President Mnangagwa and his mentor , former President Robert MugabePresident Mnangagwa and his mentor , former President Robert Mugabe
President Mnangagwa and his mentor , former President Robert Mugabe

Since the attainment of Independence in April 1980, the ruling ZANU PF Party has employed all sorts of dirty tricks in its bid to retain power through flawed elections.

By The Village Advocate

To ZANU PF, power retention is priority number one. ZANU PF is fully aware that the people of Zimbabwe no longer like that ruinous Party because of its failures in addressing the economic challenges that are negatively affecting the ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe. To ZANU PF, the state of the economy does not matter. What matters most to the ZANU PF leadership is for them to continue feasting whilst the majority continue to live in poverty.

The Ruining Party

Zimbabwe inherited a sound economy from the Colonial Settlers in 1980. Instead of improving the quality of life for ordinary Zimbabweans, ZANU PF started to implement destructive economic policies. Those who get senior government appointments lacks the merit and depth to be occupying such Offices. Appointments are done more on the grounds of how well one would be connected to the appointing authority, and in most cases, key appointments are done by the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Interestingly, Zimbabwe has only had two Executive Presidents (Robert Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa).

The painful part is that both Mugabe and Mnangagwa have worked closely together since the Liberation War days. They are actually one and the same thing. What this means is that the same people who were connected to Mugabe are the ones also connected to Mnangagwa. The same people whom Mugabe trusted and used to appoint to key positions of influence are the same people who Mnangagwa trusts and continue to appoint to key positions in his government.

This is a tragedy on the part of Zimbabwe because nothing new cannot be expected from these same people who have been the architects and enforcers of Zimbabwe’s economic vandalism. To these few people, economic development starts and ends in their own homes. As long as their immediate families are enjoying life, no one in Zimbabwe should enjoy like them, let alone complain. Zimbabwe has and will never see any meaningful development under their watch, its just economic vandalism which is happening while the people are watching.

For a Country which is considered to be endowed with natural resources that include vast reserves of valuable mineral deposits, magnificent wildlife and fertile agricultural land, one can only conclude that the people’s suffering is man-made. The gap between the rich minority and the poor majority is too wide in Zimbabwe. Painfully, the bulk of the rich people are politicians from ZANU PF, which are in the minority when compared to those who are miserably poor through no fault of their own.

Continuous exploitation of the poor

The ZANU PF leadership has mastered the art of continuously exploiting the poor citizens for selfish gains. During election time, the poor are forced to attend political Rallies in a bid to show the world that there is consensus of the governed. In all fairness, people attend these political not out of their own convictions, but through a combination of fear and the hope of getting a bite of the crumbs that will fall off the feeding tables. Oftentimes, these crumbs never fall, and the few times that they actually fall, they are devoured by those who will be sitting close to the feeding tables. The rest of the attendees will go home empty handed.

Those who make up the workforce for the rich politicians also happen to be the poor citizens. They are underpaid as well but they cannot complain or protest due to fear. Those with the money also possess power and no one can daresay anything against them. The rich continue to get richer whilst the poor continue to get poorer because the economy is being vandalized instead of being developed and the culprits happen to be very same people who go around the world preaching that:

“Zimbabwe is open for business”.

These ruinous people have caused untold suffering to the same people whom they purport to lead. To them, what only matters is the protection of their ill-gotten wealth and nothing more. Zimbabwe will never prosper as long as they are in positions of authority. They would rather invest heavily in crushing voices of dissent than to avail opportunities to the suffering masses. They prefer being feared than to be loved and as it stands, their tactics are working well for them.

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