Tuku: A True National Hero

Zimbabwe's music Icon, the late Oliver Mtukudzi
Zimbabwe's music Icon, the late Oliver Mtukudzi

Oliver Mtukudzi is the only musician who never peddled in politics through his works.

Mugabe tried to lure him, but Tuku only attended the former president’s birthday.

Tuku was somehow able to make everyone to smile.

By Stanford Kaswera.

Samanyanga’s contribution to the nation cannot be put at par with war heroes.

His heroism is vested in his ability to sooth souls through music.

Tuku was able to relate to all concerns of life.

Oliver reached to all types of people in unique ways.

His uniqueness is that he has already left an ever-lasting legacy which should be preserved as an honour of his life’s work.

He is a legend and was the best.

Pakare paye, Samanyanga

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