Toy Toying Youths and Journalists Versus Money Changers


HARARE – “We are aware of illegal money changers who are sneaking into town for illicit deals during lockdown. I wish to warn them against such illegal practices. Their arrest is imminent and the law will be applied without fear or favour ,”National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said.

By Lloyd Takawira 

Events of the past weeks while oxymoronic and morefold have laid bare the exigency of a just society . On one end we have opposition MDC Alliance youths allegedly abducted and bludgeoned , Journalist Frank Chikoore and Sam Takawira arrested for exercising their profession . 

On the other end we have blood sucking  money changers flooding the streets while their victims can no longer afford basic human rights of food, health, education and clean water among other necessities albeit a sulking monetary gatekeeper who appears to have given up .

Appearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance chaired by Felix Mhona (Zanu PF), RBZ boss Dr Mangudya  admitted the parallel market foreign currency was now like a demon  “Sodom and Gomorrah” which he is  trying to exorcise 

However , worry some is that our government  instead of going out of their way to solve the cash crisis, it has  chosen to  bledgeon harmless protesting youths and journalists .

Writing on his Facebook page Mwanawashe Lloyd Mashayamombe  said ” 3 ladies including an Mp , toy toy and are no threat to anyone , and the whole machinery is extra judicially unleashed on them but money changers killing the life out of the Zim dollar flood the street destroying every hope of currency reform and nothing happens to them “

Upon us are money changers who shamelessly  display and trade thick wads of USD, rands and brand new ZW $ notes sometimes still sealed in their Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe packaging. The question is – Who is supplying them? The rates fluctuate daily because of these guys . With the black market rate now going as far as 1:72 , civil servant salaries have already been eroded . 

Furthermore , money changes operate in broad daylight and one identifies them by the thick wads of cash they wave to attract customers. Government officials, who most suspect to be the source of the cash in the black market, turn a blind eye. One is bound to ask is the government  going for easy targets by targeting critics . 

Writing in the Daily Merverik , Thandekile Moyo said , ” The Zimbabwean economy looks to many like it’s being run by people who have no idea what they are doing. One would be forgiven for thinking it’s run by clowns who keep making economic blunder after blunder. But it is not. Our economy is run by top-grade criminals. Geniuses who have mastered the art of looting and disguising it as ignorance. The biggest beneficiaries of Zimbabwe’s economic woes is Zimbabwe’s ruling elite” 

The police issued a statement to which many believed it would have been followed by action . It can be succinctly postulated that money traders surrogate on behalf of powerful individuals hence one would argue that exteminating them (money changers) will be like killing that which feeds your existence . You only go after that which threatens you (critics)  .