State Capture: A Precedent of Mind Capture

VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa greet Business Mogul Kuda Tagwirei
VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa greet Business Mogul Kuda Tagwirei

The capture of a state that is happening in Zimbabwe and the capture of the mind should never be viewed in isolation. Both interchangeably precede each other.

The two oldest instruments used to maintain social order and harmony, not necessarily social justice, are politics and religion. It is the level and kind of political and religious indoctrination that give nations their shape and status.

By Jimmy Jombo Charowa

Since time immemorial these two bedfellows have not only endured each other but have also enjoyed a love-hate-relationship.

What we need to understand from the onset is the fact that in both of these instruments there are always massive investments in coercion and persuasion to cow, deceive, dupe and weaken people both in body and spirit.

Whereas politics especially in the case of rogue states like Zimbabwe tends to be coercive but religion is more persuasive for the achievement of loyalty, authority and submission.

The job of the politician is much easier in situations where willing and compatible religious allies coexist.

A people whose political consciousness has been rendered bankrupt by matters of worship easily submit to matters of political authority.

The same is true of the religious leader. The politician has always provided the church with a catch. Frustrated, confused and spiritually broken by a dysfunctional political system, human beings naturally turn to divine intervention and emotional soothing.

In our case in Zimbabwe, the first thing that ZANU PF had to do in order to tighten their grip on the levers of power was to bribe both traditional and religious leaders.

A recruitment drive was sanctioned.

Greedy and power-hungry traditional leaders found themselves tasting and liking the dividends of associating as well as colluding with ZANU PF. Once inside, the ‘Men God’ also found the comfort of the mafia or cartel nest too much to resist.

Being complicit in the commission of crimes against humanity automatically ceased to matter.

Thus, by the time most Zimbabweans realised that some of these so-called “Men of God” had swallowed the ZANU PF bait line, hook and sinker it was too late. The ‘Men of God’ had already spread the blanket of folly over the whole country.

They had already become deeply entrenched as filthy rich ZANU PF “gosprenuers” .

As ZANU PF has plundered and shared the spoils of our national wealth, it made sure rural Zimbabweans buys its tired bush ideology of rule by terrorism. The rural folks have been forced to accept a ZANU PF ideology of its entitlement to politics and leadership.

Politics has been made to appear as a very dangerous game only fit to be played by those in ZANU PF and those who support it.

Consequently, a docile rural citizenry that believes that doing politics to fight ZANU PF’s dictatorship is choosing a stupid way to die was created.

To most poor, semi-literate and illiterate Zimbabweans dying whilst fighting ZANU PF is dying for nothing. There is no cause in dying fighting ZANU PF because it is ruling by God’s will. It is God who gives people their leaders, they strongly argue.

The ‘Men of God’ as a result has helped ZANU PF in a very big way by reinforcing the regime’s lies that the suffering we find ourselves in as a country has nothing to do with a corrupt, clueless and oppressive ZANU PF leadership but each person’s inadequacies plus evil spirits.

The success of the gullible and desperate mind capture is no doubt measurable and very impressive for the politician-cum-clergyman in Zimbabwe.

Nearly half of poor Zimbabweans now pins their hopes of a normal and good life on “miracles”.

They have chosen to absolve of any blame the architect of their problems.

Those calling and fighting for political change they have been told are failures in life and attention seekers or more crudely enemies of the state.

Sadly, Papa’s churchgoers’, ZANU PF youths, ‘war veterans’ and the ’empowered’ villagers have no V11 primary evidence as testimony of a better life than that of  the ‘failed democracy advocates’.

To be precise its much worse because most often, time is spent daydreaming, waiting for miracles and God to intervene.

Somewhere behind the curtains, in the leafy suburbs of Harare and overseas cities, far away from the public eye, the OLIGARCHY meets, drinks, laughs as it shares the spoils of mind and state capture.

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans continue to wallow in abject poverty and misery.

Cry my beloved Zimbabwe.

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