Political polarisation has DESTROYED Zimbabwe’s Vision

President Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa
President Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

Political considerations by self-seeking politicians always muddy the waters in consideration of national good.  I applaud ED for seeking a way to bring the focus of all citizens on the task of building our broken nation whatever his personal motives may be. Political polarisation has been a huge contributing factor in Zimbabwe’s slide into the mire.

By Benjamin Rukanda

It is my personal dream to see the day when Zimbabweans can agree across the political spectrum on a national vision which we all commit to working for.

The advantages of ED’s proposal far outweigh any perceived disadvantages and as far as I can see, criticisms are not on the merits and demerits but on the proposer. It’s merely political polarisation at work.

We are where we for one reason or another. For the sake of progress, we just need to put aside the contentions and work together cohesively as Zimbabwean citizens with the purpose of building our nation.

In my opinion, much of ED’s policy pronouncements are a reflection on the nation’s aspirations. We may not like him or want him to be in the presidential hotseat, but the fact is, by hook or crook, he is the president for the next five-year period. Instead of wasting our time and energies as citizens on bickering, let us as citizens hold him accountable to every promise and policy statement he has uttered pertaining to the next five years.

In the same vein, as citizens it is a matter of patriotic and civic duty to support every good and progressive initiative put forward, regardless of who brings it and criticise every bad initiative no matter who brings it as well.

We don’t have to like or hate a leader, but instead we should like or hate their initiative. The initiative to formalise the position of leader of the opposition is a good one regardless of who proposed it.

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