Peaceful Elections


By Robson Amisi Melassi.

We want the 13 million voices to shout who their leader should be through the ballot and not be pushed into doing so by bullets!

Let everyone enjoy the right to choose the leader they want freely and without any form of intimidation.

The political environment should be detoxified at all costs, and I think that achieving that   is going to prove Herculean as the position of the police is not clear following Operation Restore Legacy.

Already, some uncouth people have started collecting voter registration slips from the electorate, itself a crime.

Furthermore, political parties should desist, as per the law, from visiting schools and disrupting classes in the name of voter education!

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission should be truly independent, with timeous release of funds to them by government to ensure that their operations are conducted smoothly.

It is Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and other bodies permitted by the law who should provide voter education to those with disabilities, for instance, to those who only understand braille, as well as to those who only understand sign language such as the deaf.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission  should also publicise polling stations and registration centres.

Political parties should not convert youths into merchants of violence.

Let’s step up and speak up!

Together we can make it!

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