Paradise of Looting

Tourism Minister Prisca Mupfumira is entangled in the current NSSA looting scandal
Tourism Minister Prisca Mupfumira is entangled in the current NSSA looting scandal

Paradise of Looting from the Basket of New Dispensation covering the face(powder) of New Deception  !!!

Academic  Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes :

Welcome to the Paradise of looting !!!

Are we not ashamed of lies ?

It is only in Zimbabwe were looting has become a hobby. It would be prudent if all Universities in Zimbabwe would include a general course called ” Looting of National resources for a song.

Where on earth have you seen a single person bankrolling Government through a looting facility called ” Command Agriculture”. More than 500 million was disbursed during Mugabe era and the money disappeared through hands of thieves and today as we speak we have grain that can last the whole nation for five months. Government has allocated over 200 million for grain, and no explanation has been given concerning the 3 Billion loot which went missing through Command Agriculture.

Gate keepers manning the gates of Command Agriculture are living large, flying to resort areas and buying expensive vehicles, charging exorbitant allowances for a song, increasing allowances and mileage for vehicles that never went into the field. Fake invoices and receipts produced to justify the loot.

Today the looters are enjoying the loot, grain that never went to the Grain Marketing Board. The only reason we are told is drought is our major problem and we must improve the yield during the 2019/20 phase. So they have to justify another loot towards the rain season so that they can go and borrow funds. Today more than 8 million face starvation and no one has the answers to exactly what happened to our 3 Billion.

Many people are walking to and from home, they can’t afford the $2 fee for Kombis. The idea is to loot and leave the country dry, mortgage the country to foreign nationals, gangsters purported as investors, and the future generation of this country will be busy repaying loans for the next 50 years.

Today the same cartel from the basket of New Dispensation, are charging Parliament $10 USD per litre for petrol and diesel to Mps which will be paid by the Government. They justify the loot to Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, money is released to them, before they purchase fuel, they go to the black market to change the money. They determine the exchange rate, after a while after spinning the money, they purchase fuel, it’s a well calculated syndicate of thieves manning the gates of corruption. Who cares ? Noone. Fuel is being supplied by a single person.

Globetrotting – four ministers left for United Kingdom to watch Netball as if we don’t have such games at Harare High School. We have netball at different schools. The worse thing, they draw allowances from the basket of New Dispensation, premiums and other allowances. To justify the loot, Herald and Sunday Mail have to make Headlines for this trip, and it is an opportunity to empower our young people. In Zimbabwe to justify the loot, they hide in the name of empowerment and skills development. Where is the bank for Women Empowerment which was promised during the 2018 run up elections ? Where is the youth empowerment bank of Zimbabwe ? No proper policies crafted to save Zimbabwe from total collapse. All eyes are on the loot and there are gate keepers manning the gates of media to defend the loot before 2000 hrs bulletin news.

Pito Investments was awarded 4.9 Million dollars , to supply cables and the money was released , as we speak no cables to show or justify the 4.9 million . Chivhayo was given 7 million for Gwanda Solar project, the only good thing he did was to put two cabins on the ground. When Chasi was appointed as the Minister of Energy, the first thing he promised was to ensure Chivhayo returns the 7 Million loot, behind the scenes he was told to apply emergency brakes and also put seatbelts lest he will crush. Chasi is silent on the matter !!

The labour Minister was struggling to put words together in Parliament over the NSSA report. Money was disbursed in the form of treasury bills and buying properties and investments for NSSA, and today no one can give proper explanation about the missing funds. Gate keepers have Been put in the NSSA board to justify the loot.

Today we have a national debt hanging at around 18 Billion. How Zimbabwe arrived at that figure nobody knows. National debts have never been disclosed to the public. The challenge we have is no one is willing to put his money in Zimbabwe because of the culture of dishonest and failure to comply to agreements.

New Dispensation

Our claim to have a new dispensation remains a pipedream and wishful thinking. This is the worst regime we have in Zimbabwe, we can never attract investors with this kind of looting. We need honest opinion on how to take this country forward. We are sinking in serious debts and corruption is the only route to success in Zimbabwe. No proper Policy framework to address the current challenges. Where on earth can one hire a private jet from Dubai to Zimbabwe, to do local trips? Does it makes sense? This is country which is failing to service a 80 million debt with Eskom? Nobody knows where our 2% charges are going ?

Institutional Reforms are key

The first issue is to deal with the whole system. We need an overhaul of the whole civil service. Put proper mechanisms to deal with public rot. There has to be a proper legal and economic framework in place to protect national resources. 2 billion went missing from Ministry of Agriculture. According to the ministry officials, no receipts or invoices are there to justify the disbursements. There is need for Act of Parliament to seek approval of such loans and disbursements.

Face Powder number 2 to cover the face of deception

To justify the loot, we are told that sanctions have hit our beloved nation, because of ZIDERA, Government is failing to have access to credit lines on the International Markets. Everyday Herald carries a new story, Zimbabwe strikes a deal worthy 4 Billion, Investors jets the country, Government partners with Swedish investor, the next morning, 5 Billion dollar project kicks off.

Lies after lies, deception and deception a lover.

Zimbabwe signs for a energy deal for 500 million United States Dollars, Zambia does the same, for 200 million United States Dollars, same projects, same contractors, the gate keepers manning the gates of media and corruption, justifies the loot. Today the whole country has been plunged into darkness, we are told that the water levels of Kariba dam have gone down. Are we kids or ECD kids to be fed with such lies??

Power cuts

Are you telling me that Zimbabwe does not have 80 million to service the Eskom debt ? How many millions are we losing as a nation because of these justified power cuts?

Way forward

  • Re-shuffle is key. Useless ministers must be shown the door.
  • Merge ministries eg information and ICT and other useless ministries must be put under major ministries as Government departments
  • Remove the senate and remain with Parliament.
  • Downsize Parliament to 120. Remove the proportional Representation.
  • Foreign Embassies must be downsized. Remain with those with economic interests.
  • Globetrotting – President Mnangagwa can make use of foreign embassies ( missions) for International assignments.
  • The gate keepers manning the gates of corruption must be dealt with. Cartels must be dismantled.
  • Government procurement must be justified by Parliament.
  • Institutional Reforms are key to the whole public sector.
  • Devolution is key to centralise all Government operations.
  • Privatisation is key. All State companies which are dysfunctional must be closed.
  • A proper national agenda must be outlined. A clear sound development policy must be in place
  • We need a New Investment Law to deal with Foreign and Local Investments.

The Deception of sanctions and Zidera mantra must come to an end. We must drive away these cartels and restore order and confidence to the public sector. Looters must find their way to prisons and we must clean the rot. We need proper economic reforms to save Zimbabwe from total collapse !!!

Ane nzeve dzekunzwa anzwa !!!


Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo – Doctor of Philosophy at Women’s University of Africa – Candidate and he can be contacted at

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