Online Presence key for Zimbabwe’s Handicrafts


By Robson Melassi

We would like to encourage Zimbabwean producers of hand-crafted products to fully utilise online and social media marketing tools to tap into the global craft market. Hand-crafted products manufactured in Zimbabwe include basketry, carvings, stone sculptures, handbags, and beadworks.

Growing one’s business or brand requires an investment of time and effort in marketing as well as research on new ideas, innovations, customer tastes and markets to explore. Most crafters are finding it difficult to grow their brands due to, amongst other reasons, limitation in marketing knowledge and capabilities.

Developing online presence is important as it enables the company and individuals to reach out to the market beyond their borders. Several online marketing platforms are available, for example ‘etsy’ and ‘eBay’, allow companies and individuals to post their products and generate sales.

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