One President

MDC Alliance Leader Nelson Chamisa and President Mnangagwa
MDC Alliance Leader Nelson Chamisa and President Mnangagwa

By Chris Dhlamini.

There is going to be one President of Zimbabwe after elections, even if none of the 107 contestants wins 50 plus % votes.

Investors play very important roles too. They lobby for particular candidates, and influence outcomes in some cases, including funding.

Potential and actual investors are people who have interests, which require security and guarantees.

They also look at that chosen candidate’s capabilities to deliver in such areas.

So choosing one between voters and investors can be catastrophic.

That’s the reason why seasoned politicians leave no stones unturned, when they seek to run  for the top political offices.

Regional, international, outreaches, investors and voters.

African history has it that many politicians see the role of a voter as solely to add up numbers at rallies and or to ratify ascendants of a political party to power , thereafter the voter must put up with endless explanations and excuses as the time towards another election begins Promises, not fulfilled , sometimes joys tend into miseries and or even death caused by bad policies coming via a simple X mark applied on vote day.

Take a look at ED’s admin vs Bippas-Bilateral investment promotion and protection agreement.

Out of a total 258 farms Mugabe’s admin violated that agreement , went on to acquire 197 farms, measuring 977,000hectares, for his A1 and A2 supporters.

Owners went to international courts for settlements of those international investments disputes.

Zimbabwe Government is saddled with more than $25million debt owed to Dutch farmers who successfully sued.

Amongst the 107 political parties in Zimbabwe which one (s) appear to have capabilities to amicably solve the problems?

Some of the countries covered by Bippas include Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, and Switzerland.

We also have FDIs and Zidera with their needs, plus Common wealthy

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