New Era: Chamisa must Lead & Mwonzora must Assist

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa
MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

As the 5th MDC elective Congress that will be held in May of 2019 fast approaches, there appears to be an invisible hand which is trying to cause discord between the two frontrunners for the Party’s Presidency.

By The Village Advocate

Although Nelson Chamisa appears to be a clear favourite amongst the grassroots supporters, State media and some ZANU PF Officials are in an overdrive, always putting the name of Douglas Mwonzora into the ring at every opportunity. It would appear that for some reason, ZANU PF prefers an unpopular Douglas Mwonzora as opposed to the charismatic Nelson Chamisa.

ZANU PF’s fear of Chamisa has actually developed into a phobia.

The fear emanates from Chamisa’s popularity as evidenced by the number of votes that he got in the disputed 2018 Presidential elections. The fact that Chamisa has flatly refused to recognize Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa as a legitimate President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has widened the rift.

Both Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora must not give ZANU PF a chance to divide them and their party. They must not be distracted from their objective, that is of strengthening the MDC and carrying on with the legacy of the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

They must do the “unthinkable” and emerge from the Congress stronger than before. A united MDC will offer renewed hope to the millions of suffering and impoverished Zimbabweans who are now fed up with ZANU PF’s misrule.

The MDC leadership must draw unforgettable lessons from past splits: notably the Welshman Ncube split in 2005, the Biti split after the 2013 electoral defeat to ZANU PF and most recently the Thokozani Khupe led split in 2018.

Those numerous splits have an effect of weakening the MDC, much to the advantage and delight of ZANU PF. It is not a secret that most MDC cadres have suffered at the hands of ZANU PF brutality in one way or another. Even the ordinary supporter has not been spared.

Persecution of MDC members and supporters is a daily occurrence in Zimbabwe. Both Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora must take a deep introspection and put the interests of the people ahead of their own personal interests and egos. Good leadership is about making selfless decisions.

The 2019 MDC Congress offers the MDC a chance to show the world that it is now a mature party, a party which can challenge and emerge victorious against the military backed ZANU PF. In order to defeat ZANU PF, the MDC must be able to dribble past ZANU PF and its well oiled Central Intelligence and Military Intelligence.

The MDC must know that it is not dealing with ZANU PF as a political party, but as a system of governance. Since its formation in 1963, ZANU PF has always employed dirty tricks against opponents both real and imagined. Both Chamisa and Mwonzora must go through the History of ZANU PF in pre-independent and post – independent Zimbabwe and refuse to be divided this time around. MDC is better off with both Chamisa and Mwonzora within the Party.

Both men must put their hands on the deck because the fate of millions of Zimbabweans lies in their hands. In as much as democracy is needed, there is no harm in reaching consensus decisions and have a President unanimously endorsed by the Party’s various Organs, its a more sweeter version of democracy, to give a vote of confidence where it is due, and in this case, Chamisa must be given the opportunity to lead the Party until the next elective Congress.

Mwonzora must accept a supportive post within the Party, he will be an able helper of Chamisa’s Presidency and the MDC.

Unity is key.

The goal has been and will always be the same: to free the people of Zimbabwe from the tentacles of the ZANU PF military Junta.

For this reason, the MDC must emerge from this Congress stronger than never before.

It is indeed the dawn of a new era in opposition politics. Much will be determined by this upcoming crucial elective Congress. Zimbabweans are eagerly waiting for this defining moment.

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