Mwonzora is a Good Leader but Timing is Wrong !!!

MDC Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora
MDC-T Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora

I believe Mwonzora is good leader. I believe he is young, in his 50s and believe he belongs in the Top Six of the MDC.

By Jennings Rukani

However, in politics the importance of timing can never be over emphasized. Mwonzora’ s challenge of Chamisa is wrongly timed. It exposes him of being power hungry as to sacrifice his party just to become its leader. The party is supposed to be bigger than any individual and no party changes its leader when he is gaining massive support like Chamisa is doing.

Leadership of a party requires certain qualities, most of which cannot be gained through experience, such as charisma and the ability to sense danger, opportunity and promptness in almost a spiritual manner.

The question is does Mwonzora possess those?

I have never met him. I have only seen him on video, TV and listening to his audios. Although he is far better than ED who does not inspire at all when he speaks, but I cannot call Mwonzora charismatic, which is the main ingredient that pulls the crowds and mesmerises the listener.

Those who think that if Mwonzora wins, Chamisa can take the Secretary General post have another thought coming.

Where on earth have you seen a former President becoming a subordinate of people he once led and take orders from them ?

By implication those who believe Mwonzora should become President are literally saying Chamisa should retire at 40 years old.

MDC supporters must brace themselves for a party split if Chamisa loses the top post because he is likely to form his own party, judging by his popularity, character and age.

Is that what MDC members want ?

If Mwonzora contests Chamisa and loses, he might have to look for a new political home because even though it is his democratic right to contest.

Few leaders would tolerate an individual who thinks he is better than them and announces it by challenging leader in an election.

Chamisa & his supporters will not want Mwonzora in the NEC therefore he will be an ordinary card-carrying member.

Mwonzora will not accept that.

These are the risks the MDC is faced with such that even some of us non- members do not think Mwonzora’ s move is wise.

If it were in Zanu PF, challenging the President is as good as signing one’s death warrant.

An internal agreement could have given MDC better outcomes.

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