Mutodi firing a much ado about nothing

Former Deputy Minister of Information Energy Mutodi
Former Deputy Minister of Information Energy Mutodi

HARARE – Leading political commentators have described the firing of Deputy Minister of Information Energy Mutodi  as a long time coming but with little relevance in the problems facing the country currently, TSTnews can reveal.

By Fani Mapfumo

In an interview with TSTnews political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya said Mutodi’s behaviour was a symptom of the whole system governing Zimbabwe and it was important the whole team be relieved off its duties.

“Mutodi is not the problem but a manifestation of a big crisis; the governance rot under ZANU PF. There are too many Mutodis in the system. They must collectively fall not just one ndombolo raunchy dancer,” Ruhanya said.

Ruhanya further said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government was perfoming dismally and Mutodi’s behaviour in the public space was a manifestation of a failed leadership.

He told TSTnews that violence and intimidation was the order of the day in silencing those who do not think the same with Mnangagwa and Mutodi’s crime was to speak loudly deeds of his masters.

Mnangagwa’s administration has internalised violence as a political weapon against its opponents. The world has seen it and is speaking out against this Stone Age and archaic dictatorship in Harare . In fact there is growing consensus that ED is worse than Mugabe. Both are vile.

“Zimbabwe has gone back to a full throttle international pariah state, a real outpost tyranny through these consent patterns of abductions since Mnangagwa took over. Demonstrations have been banned and where citizens dare, violence has been the norm without accountability,” Ruhanya added.

Another analyst Alex Magaisa said, people should not celebrate the sacking of Mutodi as he will only be reposted to another position since  Zanu PF never forsakes its own people.

“In ZANU PF, recycling is the norm. Don’t be surprised when Energy pops up in another part of the system. You’d all forgotten about Charity Charamba & Johannes Tomana till you saw them at the diplomats’ training school last week! Soon they’ll be ambassadors. ZANU PF doesn’t change.”

 “And what happened to Tomana? He was sacked as PG. They even hauled him before the courts, accused of serious offences. It was an illlusion to make you believe something was being done. Now he’s in diplomatic training, getting ready to be posted somewhere. It’s all a big con,” wrote Magaisa on His twitter page.

Social commentator Innocent Mangwiro said the sacking of Mutodi had nothing to do with his utterances on abductions rather a way of Zanu PF to change the abduction narrative.

“He was their scapegoat and the abduction issue has died.  They will always look for the way out and this time Mutodi served the purpose no one else now care for the three women who are in deep agony at the hospital,” Mangwiro concluded.