Mugabe: Classical Tale of a Freedom Fighter

Former President, the late Robert Mugabe

Mugabe: Classical Tale of a Freedom Fighter

FORMER Zimbabwe President, the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a classic tale of a freedom fighter.

Mugabe brings to the fore a lot of mixed feelings amongst Zimbabweans.

He left a legacy that indeed many Zimbabweans do not know where to place him.

By TST Writers

Was he a hero ?


Was he a tyrant ?

Revolutionary Icon

On one hand, some Zimbabweans believe that Mugabe has been made to look worse than he was by the Western media churning out propaganda. They say Western media has a negative view of African heroes.

Mugabe is seen to have led a successful revolution against white minority rule.

More importantly, his supporters point out that in the early 80s and 90s, he managed to carry out successful reforms by expanding education and health to the black majority.

To his supporters, Mugabe was a revolutionary icon, an anti-imperialist and a hero who set an example for the whole of Africa.


However; on the other hand, Mugabe is seen as a cruel and oppressive ruler who was behind Gukurahundi, the abductions, torture and killings of opposition supporters.

He is seen as a tyrant who did not tolerate diverse views in independent Zimbabwe.

To his defence, others think that due to old age, Mugabe was taken advantage by his young wife and those in power today.

The Verdict

Indisputably though, Robert Mugabe was one of the most remarkable African political figures of the last century and his legacy will echo long after his death.

However; in the end, the verdict is Mugabe is a Pan Africanist who turned tyrant.

A Revolutionary Hero who metamorphosed into a Tyrant.

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