Mthuli: STOP the MP Vehicle ROT

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube
Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube

On cars, Prof Mthuli Ncube please do us a favour. Buy cars for MPs who are coming to Parliament for the first time, those who have been MPs before can use their previous attachments (vehicles) allocated to them in the previous term. Cut expenditure. Allowances for ministers, directors and perm sec should be cut. Wage cut should not be affected to civil servants only. Implement financial reforms by making sure ghost workers are removed from the payroll.

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo.

We have more than 60 000 ghost workers on the payroll civil service roll for what? We can save at least 35 million a month. Deputy Ministers should be removed as a cost cutting measure tool. Very effective. For example, we have minister of information, deputy Minister and perm sec those are duplication of roles. Motor mouthed people in the same ministry does not work. Erode bond notes from the market. Multi-currency system works very well and its effective. Foreign Direct investment should be monitored.


Introduce tariffs that are effective on the market. Establish a quality police detection system with lab specialists in that area to detect leakages on borders and other entities. We need at least 100 MPs. Recommend that to the executive. Senate should be removed. We don’t need it for what? Some of the trips that the President is making, he can make use of Ministers of embassy officials outside the country. If those trips are not economic better use embassy officials. Redirection of expenditure is key.

Cut expenditure then make use of it in mining, agriculture, infrastructure development, tourism and industry. Vehicles should be bought from local firms. Promotion of local talent is key. 2% tax threshold is not effective. Remove it and put sustainable measures that can effect economic growth and enhance development. RBZ too much rot. No need for RBZ to deal with procurement. RBZ loot through procurement. It must stick to its mandate, of being the last lender resort. RBZ needs reforms and be disciplined. All mega deals and borrowing should pass through Parliament.

There must be an act of Parliament for that cause. The august house must approve all bills before borrowing. Public must be consulted. Debt relief strategy is a key option. We need to join the debt relief strategy club so that we are forgiven for all arrears. Huge budget deficit has burdened citizens and the consumer facility at large. The appetite for expenditure by the Government of Zimbabwe should be controlled. We are in this state because of appetite for expenditure. We must eat what we kill.

Please don’t announce figures that are not there. This must be a practical budget. Coffers are dry we understand and no need to please people with figures. Come up with a simple budget. Domestic and foreign debt stands at 18 billion. Something must be done urgently. Local talents in the construction failing to perform because Government owes them huge sums of money.

The culture of borrowing must stop. Stop buying cars for political expediency. At whose cost? Separation of powers and roles between the Government and political parties must be effected. Government is Government. Listen to citizens. Budget must pro- poor based and less cost effective.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo – Women University of Africa PhD

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