Mnangagwa illegitimacy Court Challenge gathers momentum

Health Minister Obadiah Moyo adjusts President Mnangagwa's face mask at the State House
Health Minister Obadiah Moyo adjusts President Mnangagwa's face mask at the State House

Following TSTnews story titled ‘ED is illegitimate says Zanu PF chairman’, Mr Goodman Musariri is trending on social media, and various Online sites plagiarised the story. This reporter caught up with the fearless 40 year old politician who has been inundated by calls from disgruntled Zanu PF members to support his move to test the courts impartiality and resolve to defend rule of law and constitutionalism.

By Liberty Makusha

Musariri said: “Party members of all ranks are behind my move and want me to be President. They say due to politics of fear, they are supporting in obscurity.”

“With all due professional skepticism , I will deny involvement with any publication done about me non other than the application itself with Court CASE References and Affidavit of Services. The Application lurks ahead against all supervening impossibilities exerted by the Chief Justice’s Memos regarding Lockdown,” Musariri revealed to TSTnews.

He added:” May I remain a non speculator until I file the papers as 1st Applicant together with possible core applicants if necessary against all dominant pressures that we are all facing against the Corona Pandemic Lockdown. On matters of principles , I stand as a rock!”

He told TSTnews writer that ZANU PF , CIO , WAR VETERANS are on the ALERT but I will not and will never attack the Army , JOC and its Chairman General Chiwenga who remain custodians of Operation Restore Legacy as to say : The Nullification of the 19th November 2017 Central Committee gathering or metamorphosis – we go back to a date where General Chiwenga and the Army were holding the sceptre of reign. The former banker said: “ZANU PF must be ordered to RESTRUCTURE from cell upwards in accordance to the Constitution and  be Ordered to go to CONGRESS with structures that were there on a date qq before 19th November 2017 before the null Central Committee gathering.”