Mnangagwa: A Heartless Tyrant

Zimbabweans jumped out of the Mugabe's frying pan and landed straight into Mnangagwa's fire

President Emmerson Mnangagwa wearing the famous scarf.

Zimbabweans are amongst the least happy people in the world due to the harsh living conditions and shrinking democratic space.

By Chivaraidze Dombo

Following 37 years of Mugabe’s ruinous tenure of Office, most Zimbabweans were hopeful that the military engineered ascendancy of Emmerson Mnangagwa would bring with it better fortunes.

However, things are getting worse under Mnangagwa compared to the Mugabe era.

From the frying pan, straight into the fire

The majority of Zimbabweans are regretting the events of November 2017 where they celebrated Mnangagwa’s rise to power. To many, it is now dawning on them that Mnangagwa is a man never to be trusted.

He talks one thing and goes on to do exactly the opposite. Right now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mnangagwa is quietly moving with speed in his quest to annihilate dissenting voices fronted by Nelson Chamisa.

Mnangagwa is proving to be more of a “cartel leader” than a national leader.

Action speaks louder than words and no matter how hard Mnangagwa’s propaganda machinery try to project a good image of him, his actions are betraying any such efforts to the extent that even kindergarten kids can clearly state that Mnangagwa is a devil incarnate.

Instead of expending his energies on rebuilding the economy, Mnangagwa is busy destroying whatever was left of a once thriving economy.

Currently, even statisticians have lost count of the unemployment levels as well as the rate of inflation. In the 30 months that Mnangagwa has governed,  the price of bread alone has risen from $1.00/loaf up to between $33.00 and $40.00.

On the other hand, salaries and wages have not increased to match the cost of living. Nurses and Doctors who dared to strike have been vilified, threatened and some were summarily dismissed. Teachers have not been spared either.

Corruption has been the hallmark of Mnangagwa’s Presidency. His propagandists argue that he is fighting corruption but in reality, he is propping it.

He has set up a new look Anti Corruption Commission and a Special Corruption Prosecuting Unit which up until now has both failed to justify its existence.

What Mnangagwa’s propagandists fail to grasp is that Mnangagwa was part of Mugabe’s government since 1980 and anything bad attributable to Mugabe can be equally blamed to Mnangagwa through association.

Command looting of resources has escalated ever since Mnangagwa came to power. It is now at a scale never seen before.

In all this, the ordinary men in the street are the biggest losers.

Mnangagwa and his henchmen continue to feast, while the rest of the Citizens are suffering.

Zimbabweans jumped out of the Mugabe’s frying pan and landed straight into Mnangagwa’s fire.

The voice that never was

Mnangagwa’s slogan in November 2017 was, “the voice of the people, is the voice of God”.

Ironically, Mnangagwa has proven to be the most arrogant President in the history of mankind. He has publicly shown that he only listens to himself.

Mnangagwa is feared even by those surrounding him. The majority of grassroots ZANU PF supporters are disapproving of Mnangagwa’s leadership style but no one is bold enough to come out in the open for fear of reprisals.

The number of abductions ever since Mnangagwa took power is enough testimony that dissenting voices will be ruthlessly silenced forever.

The Democratic space has been completely closed with the aid of a captured Judiciary and partisan Security Services.

Unlike Mugabe, Mnangagwa has gone a step further and declared war even on Social media.

Right now there are dedicated teams that work round the clock on Social media trying hard to flush out those who criticize Mnangagwa’s government.

His government borrowed Hitler’s Gestapo tactics and the Citizenry cannot speak out due to fear.

Mnangagwa has proved to be a heartless tyrant who will go to any lengths to preserve his power .

Just like all Tyrants, Mnangagwa has to be stopped.