MDC Congress: Is Mwonzora a Zanu PF Puppet ?

MDC Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora
MDC Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora

The fire is now burning, the temperatures are rising and the race for an MDC-A Presidential ticket between Nelson Chamisa and the Challenger Douglas Mwonzora is almost decided.

Both candidates have equal chances of clinching the big prize, but it is the long road to these internal elections that will determine the fairness and credibility of the outcome.

By Themba Ndebele Twitter: @thndebele

Congresses come and go.

Chamisa and Mwonzora are here today, also one day they will go but what should remain is the Democracy as inscribed on their Party name ?

Is MDC-A democratic enough to bring change that Zimbabwe desires when its leadership and members hide behind the word Democracy and yet abusing it every day.

Instead of putting the Prophets of Doom to shame about their prophecy of a possible split, we see the MDC-A Youths coming out guns blazing against each other fuelling the prospects of irreconcilable differences.

Why is it that the MDC-A and Zanu PF share the same blanket ?

Zanu PF traditionally endorses candidates barring other contestants from the race.

Zanu Youths threatens and usher violence to whoever wishes to run against the incumbent.

Zanu PF will go all the way to label other contestants’ puppets of the West and enemies of the struggle.

We have also seen the same in MDC-A.

Who is been labeled a puppet of Zanu and enemy of the struggle today ?

Why is Mwonzora labeled a Zanu PF puppet ?

Is Mwonzora a puppet ?

Unprecedented venom and hate Speeches especially towards the challengers.

We have seen and heard   more of these from purportedly the custodians of Democracy

This Congress should not be used to Fix or Please Zanu PF, in fact it is an opportunity to give Zanu PF some lessons.

MDC-A should desist from blaming external forces for its failures. One should remember that in every race there is always a favourite. And again, it’s not always the favourite that wins the race.

We don’t want to hear of an outcome that will end up being contested in the Courts.

Fingers have been pointed at Zanu PF as possible spoilers to this Congress but I beg to differ, the possible Zanu spoilers are already inside the MDC-A and how they are going to influence the outcome it remains to be seen ?

Three groups of people exist in the MDC-A today.

Firstly we have a group of people that heeded a call from the late Mr Morgan Tsvangirai on his death bed to return to the big Tent, obviously after weighing options they had to make a move.. playing their cards well hey.

Secondly, we have the loyal core group which have stuck with the Party through thick and thin, they have endured unbearable pain in their wards and still they remain down trodden. They pin their hopes on their candidate who identifies with them.

Thirdly, we have another group of tourists which goes around from one Party to the other, seemingly on a mission to destroy and their roots everyone is aware of , where they come from everyone knows , what they have done before, well their records are there for everyone to see.

The unfortunate part is that these groups have found their way into MDC-A structures through recent restructuring exercises. Testimony to this, factions have already emerged in some Provinces.

Now the unpredictable fate of these two  contestants lies in the hands of these men and women who have walked with them for a long time.

Indeed, the hopes of many people will be dashed and also the hopes of many will be rekindled.

Unlike Zanu PF which squandered the opportunity of uniting the country soon after Operation Restore Legacy, MDC-A should instead use this Congress to come out stronger and united.

A stronger Opposition stands a good chance of defeating Zanu PF.

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