MDC Alliance assured of ZW$7.5 million from Govt

MDC Alliance Secretary General Charlton Hwende

MDC Alliance Secretary General Charlton Hwende shot down false news reports that Mwonzora and Khupe will get money from Government ahead of the bona fide beneficiaries, TSTnews reports.

By Liberty Makusha

He said: “The money due to the MDC Alliance can not be given to anyone other than the MDC Alliance.The money was already gazetted and is now due to be released to the MDC Alliance as per the relevant Govt Gazette.”

Hwende added: “Ziyambi does not determine who should be given money by the Political Finance Act. The ministry merely facilitate the release. We are in constant touch with the Ministry of Justice and they have explained to us that the delay to release the money was caused by the current Covid-19 crisis and the money was diverted to fund Covid-19. We do expect the money to be released as soon as the Government is financially able to do so.”

MDC Alliance Midlands Spokesperson Dr. Takavafira Zhou concurred:” Not true. They have no following. They may be enjoying Zanu PF support and it remains to be seen whether Zanu PF would be so stupid and reckless to give Mwonzora $7.5 million  earmarked for MDC Alliance. Even that will never be enough to get them a following and hold a legitimate congress.”

TSTnews has gathered that the MDC Alliance rebels are roaming freely throughout the country canvassing for support ahead of their congress despite the lockdown putting the lives of millions of people in danger of Covid-19.

“All this time @nelsonchamisa is focused on the fight against Covid-19. But Zanu PF and Mwonzora’s gang are daily plotting on ‘finishing’ Chamisa during lockdown and the government funds  to be released to this gang is meant to help organise the congress,” said veteran journalist Stanley Gama.

He added:” Will the more than 2 million people who voted Chamisa in the 2018 polls follow this dangerous gang. NO. Even during the liberation struggle many people were used to divert attention from the target. Will Mwonzora do what Muzorewa failed. In 1980, we became free and Muzorewa lost.”

Bishop Abel Muzorewa forged the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia government, and worked to derail efforts to liberate the country but he failed to win the 1980 elections.

“They are the only entity allowed to breach the Covid-19 stay home regulations and move around addressing political meetings but we are not surprised since they are now an appendage of ZANU PF,” said Hwende confirming that the rebels were given the nod to defy lockdown regulations.