Mausoleum 4 Mugabeism

Does Mugabe deserve a Mausoleum at the Heroes Acre ?

Former Zimbabwe President Robert Gabriel Mugabe
Former Zimbabwe President Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Mausoleum 4 Mugabeism

MUGABE left power in 2017 on the back of what the Army dubbed as “operation restore legacy.”

The Army then said he had to go because Mugabe had betrayed the liberation legacy.

BY TST Writers

However, the Mnangagwa Administration has since made a U-turn and has declared that Mugabe’s legacy lives on.

Positive Impact

It is important to select and continue implementing positive aspects of his rule.

In as much as he did wrong, there are those areas that he did well and there is need to identify them and continue pushing those.

It is also possible to readjust some of his good ideas which were only badly implemented.

The Land Audit for example has to be done in order to polish a good idea that was badly executed.

Mugabe was a champion in educating the poor black majority.

It is because of his education policy that Zimbabwe prides itself with the second-best literacy rate in Africa.

Such a legacy has to live on.

Mugabe is internationally known as a great pan-African and Zimbabwe should enjoy identifying with him.

Negative Ramifications

Mugabe was a failure in implementing democracy in Zimbabwe that he claimed to have fought on behalf of the black majority.

This failure by Mugabe is mirrored by the Gukurahundi massacres in the 1980s and post 2000 political violence underwritten by the ruling party.

Failure by Mugabe was also reflected by mismanagement of the Zimbabwe economy and was worsened by corruption during his era and looting has now been perfected by new Mnangagwa Administration.

The praises now being sung about Mugabe are not sincere.

The only aim is to get Mugabe laid at the Heroes Acre.

The Question

The Question remains: Does Mugabe deserve a Mausoleum at the Heroes Acre ?

If he does,  what about Joshua Nkomo, Tongogara or Chitepo ?

Don’t they deserve their own Mausoleums ?

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