Is ED FIT for Office

President Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa

The story starts in 1980 when Zimbabwe became independent and many things went wrong.  History has shown that the black majority were caught off guard, political immature and euphoria made them forget the fundamental ideals of the liberation struggle.

By Mbonis Nyathi

That is actually the symptoms of present-day problems in independent Zimbabwe. It is a trend throughout Africa were leaders are treated like semi gods. This trend has brought much misery and lack of freedom of speech for the black majority in Zimbabwe.

More so, President Mnangagwa got into power on the back of  a military assisted transition from Mugabe’s 37 year iron grip on Zimbabwe and this has contributed to the current economic meltdown where the markets have shown lack of confidence in the ED Administration.

ED is already failing to meet his election promises as the country continues to face a cash crisis, prices continue to shoot up and a nationwide shortage of basic commodities.

The current economic crisis has brought to the forefront President Mnangagwa’s leadership qualities.

Zimbabweans are beginning to ask questions:

Is ED the right person to lead the nation ?

Can he navigate the nation from this economic meltdown ?

Is he different from Mugabe ?

When will ED start to deliver on his election promises ?

When is he going to tackle corruption ?

Today as citizens ponder about what will become of the nation tomorrow, the truth is if  Zimbabweans remain silent without demanding transparency and accountability from the ED Administration then it will be another five years of political, social and economic turmoil.

But the question remains:

Is President Mnangagwa FIT for Office?

The beginning of ED’s presidency is not promising but it looks like mismanagement of the economy inherited under Mugabe’s brutal rule is set to continue albeit under slight improvement on the political front.

On the other hand, Zimbabweans are hoping that Zanu PF has reformed under ED, especially after the shrewd appointment of leading banker and academic Mthuli Ncube as Finance Minister, but even Mthuli has struggled to stabilize the economy.

Only time will tell if ED is FIT for Office.

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