If I’m elected President, I will not step down …

President Emmerson Mnangagwa wearing the famous scarf.

By Onismo Soraidema.

The problems facing Zimbabwe are not so unique but ubiquitous, especially to Africa as a whole. It is nevertheless not simple to diagnose, let alone solve the same. Even so, it is imperative for us to remain optimistic to finding lasting solutions to these perennial problems haunting our land.

It is a fact that most of the countries in the region are poised to be failed states. Slavery, colonialism and now maladministration are a racket relay that explain our predicament.

For decades we have been waiting for our time to shine. We had been made to think that external forces had imposed toiling and tribulation on our motherland, Zimbabwe. We were made to live in the past. We were made to guard the outer gates for we so believed that the enemy would come from Europe, America or Asia.

We hoped but to no avail.

We then worked hard and educated ourselves and sincerely thought that our PHDS will foster national development but to no avail. We then crafted and wrote masterpieces of well thought out ideas but to no avail. We changed our national friends but to no avail.

Still up to now a try and error method hangs in the minds of the populace of Zimbabwe. I know many of us here think that a change of political government will usher in prosperity. Let me quickly disappoint a few by warning our people that such childish expectation will not only disappoint us but betray the future of our beloved nation. Let me blatantly make it clear that politics will never solve our woos, I mean the economy of our people.

I am not a political scientist but sane enough to realise that politics is a dirty game. Politics is managed and practised by dirty people. These politicians no matter where they come from are the same.

The fact that they are voted for speaks volumes. Not even myself be would be foolish enough to negotiate myself out of power if had gotten a chance to ascend to the much-coveted office of power. To tighten my grip, I would seize the golden and rare opportunity to enrich myself and my kinsman for no one knows tomorrow. I will also have to use the loot to suppress those who might want to raise their voices well on time.

I will be in power! No one will dare ask me.

If I’m elected president, I will not step down.

All our people sub consciously think that it is the right of those in power to loot and be rich. We believe that leaders should be richer and powerful henceforth. This might be a remnant of our past, the pre-colonial where Kings used to be the only affluent rich. Thus, our people do not care or bother about the so called social contract.

Very good examples of such scenarios include that time when Mugabe used the military to seize power from Ndabaningi Sithole, you all know what the end story was. Pip to our good neighbours south, how they installed Zuma in spite of all the corruption allegations. You all know what he then delivered them at last.

Now back home, watch the space, I have heard loud noises both in Zanu Pf endorsing the new dispensation despite lawyers arguing that the constitution was violated. I am not a legal expert but they seem to be right. Let us forgive them on the bases that anything that made Mugabe go how legal or illegal is understandable.

We had had enough of him.

This is the Zimbabwe we wish to see. United and prosperous. Tribalism, corruption and racism is allowed as long as you are powerful and eloquent enough to fool around the masses.

Morality and corporate governance statutes are not that important, only how powerful and sophisticated are your public speeches.

This is the disease that needs to be cured.

Until we lessen the responsibility of national interest in the hands of politicians, until we enact a system led by apolitical servants who are themselves monitored on virtues of accountability and transparency, we will forever remain as failed as we have been the past 37 years.

Prosperity will never come by matter of chance, lucky, politics but by enacting and maintaining a system that will oversee national interest and resultant development.

This calls for political maturity and a high degree of selflessness.

I hope and trust that the state apparatus like the Central Intelligence can come in handy instead of being used to perpetrate selfish political interest by gluttons bent on perpetuating inherent poverty and anarchy in our motherland.

It is never too late let us change now!

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