Hwende donates mealie meal to both Zanu-PF and MDC supporters

Zanu PF And MDC Alliance Supporters
Zanu PF And MDC Alliance Supporters

MDC Alliance Secretary General Charlton Hwende has shown mature servant leadership by using his two months MP salary to buy mealie for the elderly, TSTnews reports.

By STAFF Reporter

“Those who stay in Kuwadzana East who are over 65 and are struggling to get mealie meal your MP will be distributing free mealie meal on Friday. I have also specifically asked the Zanu-PF leadership and the MDC Alliance leadership to help identify beneficiaries,”posted Hwende.

TSTnews caught up with the politician to give details about the donation and he confirmed that he will do door to door deliveries of the staple food to avoid a central distribution point as this might expose the vulnerable elderly people to Covid-19.

“A member of Parliament represents everyone irrespective of political parties they come from and the challenges we face due to this pandemic requires unity of purpose among Zimbabweans. We are going to fight Covid-19 and the hunger that comes as a result of the lockdown together as Zimbabweans,” said Hwende explaining his reasons for not politicising food distribution.