Gutu spills “dirt” in public

We stopped Chamisa from going to state house' says Obert Gutu ...
We stopped Chamisa from going to state house' says Obert Gutu ...

HARARE – Former MDC-T Deputy President Obert Gutu shocked the nation yesterday when he sold out her former boss’s dirt plot in the public.

By Liberty Makusha

“We blocked Chamisa from being Zimbabwean president in 2018, we will stop him again in 2023,” bellowed Gutu childishly.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, the workers organisation which gave birth to the Movement for Democratic Change in 1999 was quick to denounce and remind the bitter politician to rethink his position.

” The objective of an opposition should be to win elections and wrestle state power from the one ruling opposed to fighting another opposition political party,” counselled the labour union.

Gutu said: “Nelson Chamisa got over 2 million votes in 2018 because he benefited from the people who sympathised with Morgan Tsvangirai brand. We need our money back that he also benefited from the Political Finances Act.”

Gutu conveniently forgets that he was also a beneficiary of the Tsvangirai brand given that he was representing MDCT but garnered a paltry 1269 votes while Tendai Biti got a whooping 20 592 votes.

Khupe and Gutu quickly resort to mudslinging, name calling and threatening to recall MDC Alliance legislators and councilors should they defy them and not surrender 7 million dollars.

The main objective of their party is to fight another opposition and not Zanu PF showing that they have an unholy pact with the ruling party.