GOVT should ACT NOW to STOP the Silent Genocide in Hospitals

Doctors STRIKE is a LABOUR RIGHT enshrined in the Constitution

Doctors have been striking over mismanagement and cuts which have left hospitals lacking bandages, medicines and syringes SIPHIWE SIBEKO
Nurses on Strike , SIPHIWE SIBEKO

GOVT should ACT NOW to STOP the Silent Genocide in Hospitals

LSC Press Release Number – 118


Doctors STRIKE is a LABOUR RIGHT enshrined in the Constitution 

Harare, Zimbabwe., December 01, 2019

The Local Solutions Council (LSC) strongly deplores the Government’s mishandling of the Doctor’s demands which has caused many unwarranted deaths of citizens who cannot afford private medical care.

While the intervention by the Catholic Bishops and Higher Life is a great initiative for immediate needs; it is the ultimate responsibility of the authorities to find a sustainable long-term solution and resolve the labour dispute with its employees.

Furthermore, the Local Solutions Council (LSC) notes with great concern a statement by the Senior Hospital Doctors Association (SHDA) which has described the prevailing situation at the country’s major hospitals as a silent genocide because of many deaths caused by lack of basic medical necessities such as bandages, gloves and syringes.

It is also unfortunate that the Government has responded to demands from the Senior Hospital Doctors Association (SHDA) and the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) to improve working conditions and provide basic medical necessities by issuing notices for disciplinary hearings.

Consequently, the Local Solutions Council (LSC) is calling for the Zimbabwe Government to put patients at the centre of its decision-making process when dealing with medical practioners because ultimately punishing doctors is punishing the patient. We are therefore urging the authorities to find common ground with doctors in the interests of the state and its citizens.

Issued By

Darlington Nyambiya

LSC President

Local Solutions Council



LSC Strategic Unit Members: Chairman – Darlington Nyambiya; Maxwell Saungweme; Kingstone Jambawo; George Mapope; Jethro Makumbe; Ophias Kurauone; Sten Manungo; Liberty Makusha; Clemence Nhliziyo; Norman Tembo; Tapfuma Mushayi; Prestige Matchaba-Hove; Cleopatra Magenga; Life Urombo

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