Fuel retailers ignore ZERA directive


BULAWAYO – Fuel retailers across the country have largely ignored Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority gazetted fuel prizes.

By Liberty Makusha

TSTnews news carried a snap survey in Bulawayo and found out that most fuel stations are selling petrol and diesel ranging from ZW$22.38 per litre to ZW$25 per litre.

Puma is selling petrol at ZW$25 while Engen Northend is selling the same product at ZW$22.50 and Total petrol cost ZW$23.05. Diesel is being sold at 22.38 at Engine garages.

TSTnews learnt that with effect from yesterday 5 April 2020, ZERA pegged retail prize of petrol at ZW$ 21.77per litre and diesel ZW$21.52 per litre.

The prize of paraffin is now ZW$ 7.50 per litre and Liquid Petroleum Gas ZW30. 11 per kg.

Zuva Service stations are selling LPGas at ZW$50, twenty dollars more than the gazetted prize.

Global fuel price have gone down due to low demand as countries have imposed lockdown measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

However, in Zimbabwe prizes continue to rise due to hyperinflation forcing fuel retailers to disregard directives from the regulator with impunity

Motorists always voice concern about the quality of fuel sold in the country that does not last and negatively affects car engines because of mandatory ethanol blending.

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