Former Zanu PF deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa regrets ever working for the ruling party

former Zanu PF deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa
Former Zanu PF deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa

Harare- Outspoken G40 member and former Zanu PF deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa is regretting the time he worked for Zanu PF during President Robert Mugabe’s last days in Power TSTNews can reveal.

By Taurai Bvumo

In a letter written by the former Zanu PF leader now anti-government critic Gandawa seen by TSTNews Gandawa said he would accept the people’s mistrust over his new role in fighting the injustices being committed by the Zimbabwean government.

He further said that he would work to restore the trust.

“I deeply regret having worked with Zanu PF … (and) I accept that I must bear the distrust and suspicion that accompanies all those who have dined with the devil, and work to restore the reputation I built before entering government,” read part of the letter.

Gandawa said that he had only joined Zanu PF in 2013 during the Government of National Unity when Zimbabwe was improving its image in the international community and on an economic recovery.

“My decision to run on a Zanu PF ticket was merely the path of least resistance given that my community was a Zanu PF stronghold . While I was aware of Zanu PF’s many failings, the objective was not to challenge the political order but to better serve the community through evective representation,” Gandawa further stated.

He further stated that his appointment as deputy minister was based on his work as a development practitioner and academia rather than political popularity.

Gandawa’s prompt letter comes after some anti-government critics have dismissed his recent turn to opposition politics saying.

Analyst who spoke to TSTNews said Gandawa and the G40 were the most corrupt officials in government hence they do not have any right to speak about human right and corruption in Zimbabwe.

Political analyst Bernad Masvosva said the apology was not enough as the Zanu PF party did a lot to destroy the economy.

Go and sell all your ill -begotten wealth and give the money to the revolution movement that is fighting the bloody thirst devil you served all those years that we may know you have truely repented, only then may you join us, Masvosva said.

TSTNews understand that Gandawa was involved in corrupt activities with Professor Jonathan Moyo in looting funds in government among them the Zimdef scandal were more than US$500 000 disappeared and no arrest were made.

He is considered one of the richest politicians in Zimbabwe through one of his companies Fuzz Technologies which was the sole supplier of computer technologies to Zimdef and other government departments.

TSTNews understands that Gandawa is well known for sending his children to study abroad were they live lavish lifestyle.

Two of his Children are currently studying in New Delhi, India were they are known for partying and luxurious shopping spree.