ED: Why He Has My Vote…Of No Confidence

President Emmerson Mnangagwa
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

I ONCE declared to my friend, a ZANU PF supporter, that I will NEVER vote for ED and for ZANU PF. In tones denoting a lack of patience, he worriedly quizzed me, wanting to know why it was so.

By Hloliphani Moyo.

To him, the question appeared like one that would be very difficult to answer, considering that this was a so-called “new dispensation”. I had a long, loud laugh and said I needed a whole day or more to answer it, and the reasons for that were just too many.

Anyway, I raised my open palm close to his face, with fingers wide apart and counted just five of them.

  1. IT IS A SIN

I personally believe that voting ZANU PF or any other “PF” is a sin. This is a party that has blood in its hands. ED’s hands are dripping with innocent people’s blood and it is not just reckless but sinful for me to put Zimbabweans’ lives in his hands. It takes great strength to forgive these guys for diabolic projects like Gukurahundi but putting him in charge of more lives is nothing short of a sin.

ANYONE WHO PUTS AN “X” ON ED ON 30 JULY 2018 IS EQUALLY CULPABLE OF ANY DEATH CAUSED BY ZANU PF through murder, hunger, poor health services, and other evils.

I don’t want to be part of those that take an alligator for a baby a sitter.

ZANU PF is a satanic cult and an embassy of hell, the ambassador or the devil’s proxy should be voted out on the forthcoming harmonised elections.


The fact that ED’s government was born of a coup, is an embarrassment to the nation and the region. Zimbabweans should never give him legitimacy and nurture the coup culture.

Coups generally have the nature of recurrence and the events of Saturday 23 June 2018 at ED’s white city rally in Bulawayo are indicators towards the ugly direction.

It is the responsibility of every Zimbabwean voter, to make sure that the coup government should not stay in power and never allow ED to hide his coup behind their votes.


The so called new dispensation or rather the new desperation is nothing more than a rejuvenation of ZANU PF cluelessness, greed and cruelty.

I am not a mathematician and I’m wondering how I missed the calculation on the famous first hundred days of ED’s rule. I fail to reconcile his hundred day promises with reality. The sad part is that he is still making promises.


Scratch that. I will not waste my ink and time explaining what every sane person can see. I will not waste time explaining to Zimbabweans how bad ZANU PF has, is and will fail to manage the economics of Zimbabwe.

Their hungry bellies preach a better sermon, the cruel weather explains it better to the homeless. The empty wallets, no empty banks teach them better. The economic decline at the hands of ZANU PF reduces the 30 July election to a simple test of sanity for the electorate.


ZANU PF has created a socio-economic environment in which corruption is almost normal. Our noses have acclimatised to the smell. ED’s name tops the list of most corrupt ZANU PF officials. He has been a civil servant since 1980 and one wonders how the civil servants’ paltry salary has made him as rich and affluent as he is.

He is a qualified lawyer who never practiced. What are the tips, how does one rise like that? The simple answer is that he was a minister. Yes, that is all it takes corruption has killed their conscience.


I told my friend that the choice between the main contenders the of 30 July 2018 presidential election is a very simple choice.

The people made the wrong choice when Pilate presented Jesus and Barnabas before them in Mathew 27 verse 17.

I pray that Zimbabweans will not make a similar error.

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