ED: Speaking the TRUTH becomes Unpatriotic!!!

President Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa

We dwell without choice or voice.

The bootlickers singing for their supper as their choice and his voice.

Blood floods our streets shamefully grooming blooming poverty.

Blaming us of our silent sufferation mooted in pain In the Evil Devil’s (ED)lair we become roosted and drained.

By Cranium Simpleton.

For his dinner he enjoys our tears like forever.

For his purpose he instils fear with spears.

Decorating his table with our bone’s fleshless peers.

Drinking his malice from our heads as his faceless chalice.

Destroying our humanity as a polity in cruel madness.

In the Evil Devil’s (ED) lair we remain in hopeless desperate duel.

Paying his dues whether you like it or not.

Praying his mantra whether you are able or not.

Working to death in the bowels of infinite.

Evil Dressed to deceive the ignorant with meaningless speeches and globe-trotting.

In the Evil Devil’s (ED)lair words become swords looting life.

To speak the truth becomes unpatriotic conduct.

To cry for help becomes weakness, laziness and you become enemy of the state.

To have alternative thinking becomes a crime inviting sanctions.

Democracy is dismissed with impunity and is replaced with darkness.

In the Evil Devil’s (ED) lair the stench of yesterday’s rottenness spreads like veld fire.

Burning up every iota of senility ever left behind.

Manufacturing a dirge of doldrums for the unborn and the blind.

Weeping undertones and monotones speaking Armageddon doomsday.

In the Evil Devil’s (ED)lair true heroes bid their time and prepare to wage a war.

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