ED risk being swept by a revolution by Mid year

Lessons must be drawn from Robert Mugabe's experience ( Former Head of State) when he was kicked out by the Military in 2017

President Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa

I have made predictions that have come to pass and this one must not be taken lightly .

BY Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

Clear political & developmental analysis

Political indicators feeding into the power matrix clearly shows that a revolution across political divide will kick Mnangagwa out of power if he does not put the economy on the right path. Leadership must not gamble with people’s lives and use propaganda as a tool for diversion and as a cover up because this will backfire before year end.

Lessons must be drawn from Robert Mugabe’s experience ( Former Head of State) when he was kicked out by the Military in 2017. The decision by Muthuli Ncube, Finance Minister to award members of the defence forces groceries and other food stuffs at a affordable rate is suicidal and will only push ED and his cabal to the edge.

Mnangagwa lacks policy coordination and political advisory on critical decisions. Whoever is advising Mnangagwa on key political moves is simply knocking on the doors of a revolution within a short space of time.

Time will come when the masses will make a collective decision to confront the regime. My simple question is do soldiers need food only? What about making their own retirement preparations? What about their relatives in rural areas? What about their upkeep? What about their children? Do they use groceries to pay school fees in boarding schools? Do they use groceries to pay for school fees out of the country?

You need to study the political space and understand what the space must be fed with. This is a political matrix with it’s own connotations which require good political decisions.

The decision by CAF to ban international matches in Zimbabwe should scare Zanu PF Government and this can be one of its signs for a serious downfall. Honestly how much do we need to renovate our stadiums?

We spend over 5.9 billion on a non – existing project called ” Command Agriculture” and we fail to prioritize development? How much do we need for our grounds? This is the first time in the historical context to have such an embarrassment move from CAF? This is frightening.

A Mutoko Headmaster who was caught stealing maize cobs is a clear sign that all is not well and we have pending issues which needs to be resolved. From my own assessment, there is a group of people around ED who are feeding him with what he wants to hear. As a former Intelligence guru, Mnangagwa by now should have taken bold decisions to deal with situation on the ground.

The situation on the ground is not inspiring and the whole credibility around the office of the President has been eroded.

Critical decisions can be made :

1. Cartels must be dismantled and locked up if he is to survive.

2. ED must either choose cartels or people of Zimbabwe

3. Policy coordination must be reviewed

4. A reshuffle may have some little gains

5. Corruption is the biggest elephant in his closet

6. ED lacks social capital and he needs to beef up his political advisory. He needs a strong political advisor.

7. The team which is doing spinning for ED is totally offside and they must be shown the door.

( They are failing to match the Jonathan Moyo standard)

9. The economy is literally dead

10. Dialogue is the way to go with Nelson Chamisa

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher and a leading Consultant in Project Management and he can be contacted at tinamuzala@gmail.com