ED presiding over Hell on Earth conditions in Zimbabwe

The ongoing plunder by the politicians will affect many generations to come

President Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa

By Simba Rushwaya

Zimbabweans need to quickly realise that it will take more time and resources to pull the country from socio-economic abyss.

The ongoing plunder by the politicians will affect many generations to come. The social fabric of our communities is more torn than we see at face value.

The Zanu PF government that assumed power in 1980 has been characterised by state sanctioned high levels of corruption and impunity. It is a classic case of The Animal Farm.

The much hyped second republic or new dispensation has done worse than the old order. During Robert Mugabe’s time there was some semblance of order but now, the wheels have come off and the country is on auto pilot.

It is disheartening to witness how the government has departed from the ideals and principles of the liberation struggle notably the one man one vote for the sake of clinging to the levers of power.

The majority of our citizens have no access to basic needs of survival like food, accommodation, health and education.

The so called Vision 2020 has remained elusive to our people. They are yearning to return to colonial Rhodesia for independence has meant lack and desperation.

The president has become a laughable character and a bad comedian who majors in trivial issues. Instead of concentrating in reviving defunct industries, he prides himself in opening a mortuary, inviting people to contest in putting corpses in the new cold mortuary

It is crystal clear that our beloved country has lived it’s worst years typical of the Biblical end time tribulations.

The executive arm of government is populated by the worst brains. They come up with more problems characterized by policy inconsistencies that scare away both local and foreign capital.

Several ministers and members of Parliament became millionaires overnight and own Rolls Royce, custom made SUV cars while the elderly are sleeping at banks to withdraw worthless bond notes.

Zimbabwe needs to rise with one voice as soon as possible to salvage the remaining twilight of hope.

We are headed for a catastrophic downfall and generations to come will have nothing to admire about us.

The greatest weapon of the oppressor is the silence of the oppressed.