ED Offer Long Overdue

MDC Alliance Leader Nelson Chamisa and President Mnangagwa
MDC Alliance Leader Nelson Chamisa and President Mnangagwa

The offer by Mnangagwa to Chamisa may be viewed by most critics as a way to steady the stormy political waters and to share with the victim what was stolen from him.

By Jennings Rukani

However, in my own view such a Constitutional Amendment was long overdue. It needed to have benefited the veteran opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. It is not only embarrassing but actually disgusting for any opposition leader to be outsider parliament whilst scores of his MPs grace the August House.

The unfortunate part of this proposal is that ED is a disputed President and supporters of Chamisa and his critics may feel that he is being snared and enticed with goodies in order to legitimise the Mnangagwa Presidency. Chamisa is already in Parliament by default via his MPs and Senators.

Though the timing and the executor of the policy are suspect, the idea is very sound.

ED most likely did this for two reasons:

  • to persuade Chamisa to provide legitimacy to his electoral “victory”
  • To placate the international community, in particular the West.

Let us also remember that, even though this may have been intended for short term gain, truth is it will be in existence long after Chamisa and Mnangagwa.

This policy should be fully supported.

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