ED Jokes – A reflection of a Leadership Crisis

Mnangagwa's flat jokes are exceptionally not amusing and makes the majority of people bury their heads in shame and disgust.

President Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa

By Jethro Makumbe

President Mnangagwa’s speeches and jokes do not inspire confidence to a nation desperate for solutions.

His unamusing jokes on issues that require critical thinking points to deep-rooted dearth of intellect in people who surround him in government and his party especially his public relations department.

Zimbabwe is ranked high in terms of literacy in Africa with above 90 percent of its citizens regarded as literate.

This is as a result of Robert Mugabe’s post independence education policy that expanded both the quantity and quality of our education.

Our people are found in most corners of  world because of their unfeigned and meticulous intellectual prowess.These illustrious citizens feel ashamed when the president takes to the podium.

Mnangagwa’s lack of public speaking skills contrasts sharply with Mugabe who mesmerized the world since 1980 by his eloquence and  articulation of issues.

One would be tempted to posthumously appreciate Mugabe’s undying apprehension to pass the presidential baton to Mnangagwa. He most probably knew that his close lieutenant had a serious lack of leadership qualities and definitely a pathetic intellectual malnourishment that has since began to exhibit itself in his speeches

Mnangagwa’s flat jokes are exceptionally not amusing and makes the majority of people bury their heads in shame and disgust.

His jokes bring shame and scorn to the person and office of the president and it is high time that he sticks to his prepared speech to avoid further embarrassment.

Probably, Mugabe was to smart both mentally and in speaking that it is unfair to compare him to Mnangagwa who spend most of his career implementing the dirty political mind games of his former master.

The office of the president is a much venerated pinnacle of national pride and prominence worldwide, and perhaps the face of the nation.  It is not only demeaning and folly to reduce it to a caricatured citadel of dry jokes.

One can suggest that the president must connect with what is obtaining on the ground and avoid unnecessary jokes.

If he wishes to amuse his listeners, he should employ someone to write down the jokes on paper then refer to them to avoid embarrassing the nation.