ED is not a Nation Builder

President Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa

There are many abnormalities with the Government of Zimbabwe and unless we unpack the nature of the Zimbabwean State, we won’t have a rich discussion.

By Farai Maguwu

My observations are:

  • Zimbabwe has been a defacto one party state since independence.
  • ZANU PF only allowed the opposition to exist in order to access loans and western financial aid but in practice the opposition remains banned. Gukurahundi and the post 2000 state terror affirms this.
  • The Statecraft of Zimbabwe is created by ZANU PF and for the enjoyment and sustenance of Zanu-PF. ZANU PF withdraws state security from anyone who joins the opposition.
  • Our laws were created to keep ZANU PF in power. There is no room for lawful effective protests against the Zanu-PF govt.
  • Those who want to register their displeasure must rebel against the Zanu-PF laws and do so at a great risk to themselves.
  • Zanu-PF has kept jails unbelievably filthy because these are political torture chambers for the opposition. No matter how strong you are no one can endure a single hour in a Zimbabwean jail. It’s hell.
  • Mnangagwa and his predecessor Mugabe have never risen to the level of nation builders; remain party leaders and they see things very narrowly through party and loyalty lenses.

Results of such leadership are national dislocation, mass exodus of people, despondency, frustration and increasing instability. Thus, even if they deploy the military and kill more innocent hungry and jobless citizens, they will never be able to move this country forward.

Instead we are racing towards being a Somalia and completely failed state. Banditry and insurgence take advantage of such weaknesses.

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