ED is Captured by the Cartel

VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa greet Business Mogul Kuda Tagwirei
VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa greet Business Mogul Kuda Tagwirei

The purported identity of the all-powerful Queen Bee has left many Zimbabweans stunned. And when Acie Lumumba stopped short of naming “him” in one of his videos that went viral on social media, the speculation went into overdrive.

But who really is this character we now know as Queen Bee?

Is it one person ?

Is it a group of people ?

Who really is Queen Bee ?

For starters, the individual or group should be rich enough to influence big decisions in the governance of our land and should be politically linked to the powers that be in Zimbabwe.

Most people have ticked the prime suspects as either; Billy Rautenbach or John Bredenkamp.

However, other people suspect that Kuda Tagwirei is just a henchman for powerful people working behind the scenes.

But think of how powerful one can be when Government business is halted, and Parliament sessions are postponed because most ministers have to attend the burial of powerful man’s father.

By Darlington Nyambiya and Benson Sithole

Then there is a new phrase in our vocabulary now: State capture.

Some are saying ours is a captured State and the incumbent President is only in power as a beneficiary of the “Queen Bee”, so his most influential actions and decisions should and must be seen to shore up her “interests”.

Moreover, less than a week after Lumumba’s appointment, he was fired from his post. And then the special adviser to the President got fired as well days later, or to use a subtler term, “not reappointed”. Mutsvangwa on his part, went on the offensive and blamed Kuda Tagwirei for state capture and being a monopoly in the fuel industry.

However; unexpectedly his close ally the President distanced himself from his outbursts.

Furthermore; the two questions that should follow are:

Who was really behind the firing of the two?

Is it really ED ?


Is it the invisible hand behind the scenes ?

However, the truth of the matter is that Zimbabwe is not captured by an individual but by a Cartel of individuals who are involved in the pillaging and looting of the country’s resources.

This Cartel can make the President and Cabinet dance to its tune.

This Cartel was behind the military takeover in November last year.

And this Cartel has so much ill-gotten wealth running into billions of dollars that it can easily tap into these and “capture” all spheres of life in Zimbabwe.

In reality, way before the military coup last year, the Cartel had captured the President, Cabinet and Government.

The fact of the matter is that the Zimbabwean state is captured !!!

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