ED in human rights abuse storm as Murambatsvina 2 spreads

President Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa

Govt in human rights abuse storm as Murambatsvina 2 spreads

President Mnangagwa’s government torched human rights abuse storm as Murambatsvina 2 spreads across the country, TSTnews reports.

“We are disheartened with the developments that are taking place on the ground at the moment that the second republic which should act in different manner from the previous republic for the benefit of the nation but we have noticed that the two are similar. It’s a continuation of the Mugabe regime, we only changed the leader but the system remains intact,”said Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition spokesman Marvellous Khumalo.

He added that the regime has no regard for human rights and life, instead of government and city officials to prioritise service delivery , like  construction of roads and provision of water they decide to destroy the lives of the people they purport to serve.

Gweru Residence Forum Director Charles Mazorodze weighed in: “This is a direct attack on the livelihoods of poor communities who will be faced with poverty and loss of income after lockdown. If you look at Zimbabwean economy over 90% of people are unemployed and rely on vending.”

Mazorodze told TSTnews reporter that vendors in Gweru are licensed, paying monthly to council and cast doubt on the capacity of government to build vending sheds to affected individuals.

Informal vending has become an emerging source of income across the world, and this calls for authorities to strike a balance between survival of people and urban council infrastructure regulations.

TSTnews learnt that most urban and rural councils are aggressively implementing Murambatsvina 2.

Kwekwe and Harare local authorities advised owners of illegal tuckshops to remove their wares ahead of scheduled demolitions.