ED has FAILED on Five Fronts

President Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa

Mnangagwa has failed to lead the country in the interests of all Zimbabweans. He has continued to be in election campaign mode and thus prompted him to act as a Zanu PF leader who is there to only look after the interests of the ruling party supporters. ED is forgetting that after his “controversial win” in last year’s election, he was elected to be the leader of all Zimbabweans despite political, racial or religious differences.

By Shoneboy Nembaware and Darlington Nyambiya.

In fact, Mnangagwa is failing on five fronts as follows:

  • Corruption and looting have taken root during his nearly two-year rule.
  • Lack of Rule of law as citizens continue to have their democratic rights stifled with unarmed demonstrators being gunned down on the streets of Harare.
  • Political reforms continue to be deliberately undermined as ZEC is unreformed and undemocratic laws continue to be used against political opponents.
  • No generational succession plan is in place as exhibited by the three old men occupying the presidential seats.
  • Economic reforms have been lukewarm and have failed to benefit the person on the street albeit with wasteful expenditure caused by Mnangagwa’s thirst for foreign trips.

Unless ED acknowledges the need for visionary leadership anchored on deep and meaningful reforms, he will continue to be the stumbling block to the country’s prosperity.

Moreover, there is no sovereign equity in Mnangagwa’s deals with foreign investors. This resource auction is why any future looking Zimbabwean should be weary. In any case it has been proven elsewhere in other countries that when politicians carry out a coup and they do not step aside; government institutions are weakened by murky resources deals and poor leadership caused by factional patronage.

Zimbabweans cannot continue to applaud Mnangagwa for keeping them in the past when the future beckons economic prosperity if democracy, good governance, proper institutions, participatory citizenship and visionary leadership is given a chance.

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