ED deploys Army in Mozambique without Parliament Approval

Zimbabwean leader Emerson Mnangagwa has deployed soldiers in Mozambique's Northern Cabo Delgado Province
Zimbabwean leader Emerson Mnangagwa has deployed soldiers in Mozambique's Northern Cabo Delgado Province

Zimbabwean leader Emerson Mnangagwa has deployed soldiers in Mozambique’s Northern Cabo Delgado Province to back the Eastern neighbor to repel Jihadist terrorists despite the country’s faltering economy, raising fears that the leader wants to profit from the war, TSTnews reports.

By Tenda Chinemago

Impeccable sources told TSTnews that ED sneaked out of the country to Chimio aboard the Dubai private jet to meet his Mozambiquan counterpart Philip Nyusi to seal the army deployment agreement.

“Major military (infantry and Air force) operation underway in  Northern Cabo Delgado Mozambique’s State Army supported by Angola and Zimbabwe searching the Jihadist terrorists,” confirmed by pictures of soldiers posted by Director of Centro Para Democraciae Desenvolviment (CDD) Prof. Adriano Nuvunga.

TSTnews is reliably informed that the Mozambiquan government hired Mnangagwa’s close ally Colonel Lionel Dyck to lead the military operations. Dyck was the chief of logistics for the Zanu PF during Gukurahundi genocide when over 20 000 innocent civilians were butchered by the Kwekwe based and North Korean trained 5th Brigade in the 80s.

Former Sunday Mail Editor Brezhenev Malaba confirmed: ” Colonel Dyck, a former Rhodesian army officer was engaged by the Mozambiquan government as private military contractor. He is the head of a mercenary outfit. This week his helicopter gunships were decisive in pushing back Islamist insurgents in Metuge District.”

Exiled former cabinet minister Prof. Jonathan Moyo quizzed:” Two questions. 1.With his ally Col. Lionel Dyck already hired by the Mozambiquan government to fight for money, has Mnangagwa deployed ZDF to make peace of money? 2. Can the embattled Mnangagwa and the battered Zimbabwean economy sustain a war against Renamo and ISIS away, and possibly at home.”

TSTnews observed that the Zimbabwean government may invite not only economic calamity by overstretching its resources but also endanger citizens especially those who live along the Mozambiquan border from revenge attacks by the Jihadist terrorists.

” Its indeed an ill-advised decision. Remember Kenya paid dearly for assisting Somalia fighting against Al Shabab terrorists,” warned Elvis Mugari.

MDC Alliance VP Advocate Biti weighed in: ” The SADC Organ on Defence and Security should have met. This kind of unilateralism which we saw during the DRC civil war is foolish and costly and against basic tenets of international law. Wars are protracted and costly.”

TSTnews learnt that the President should notify the Parliament before deploying soldiers but ED acts above the law. Zimbabwean soldiers were deployed to back Laurent Kabila in the late 90s in a war that cost the country in terms of human lives and financial resources. The army fronted by Chiwenga, SB Moyo, Mnangagwa and other commanders made huge personal gains by looting diamond and bauxite, as confirmed by United Nations files.

The Zanu PF regime has a checkered history of using the Zimbabwe Defence Forces as private mercenaries both at home and in the region to loot resources at the expense of the national economy.