Diamonds funding lavish Lifestyles of ZANU PF Politicians while the nation starves during Lockdown

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TSTnews learnt that all diamond operations done in the Chiadzwa Diamond fields situated in the drought prone Marange area in Eastern Zimbabwe benefit a few powerful individuals and never meant to develop the country.

By Liberty Makusha

TSTnews interviewed the Director of Centre for Natural Resource Governance Mr. Maguwu who has devoted much of his career in exposing government opaque diamond mining in Manicaland.

He said: “Mugabe built his multi million blue roof mansion from proceeds of diamonds, Grace Mugabe even bought a $1 million dollar diamond ring and the family was reported to have several mansions in Asia and South Africa.”

He added: “A former Mines Minister has bought several properties in Bulawayo and Victoria Falls whilst the lawyer he roped in to assist him fight for the lifting of the KP ban recently bought a helicopter. We also realize extravagant spending by the ZANU PF party despite the fact they don’t run any successful business and their supporters are as impoverished as every other Zimbabwean.”

In 2018 alone Zanu PF bought hundreds expensive, all terrain vehicles for its MPs for campaigning while hospitals and clinics do not have basic drugs and ambulances.

Maguwu revealed to TSTnews that diamond revenues are funding the crazy lifestyles for the ruling elites and their self-preserving political projects.

TSTnews learnt that Kimberly Process facilitates sell of looted diamond as government operates as amafia which manipulate KP certificates to facilitate organized crime and undermine national interests.

Maguwu said: “The ruling elites use both official and unofficial channels to sell the diamonds. The most powerful can just drive into Marange and come out with a parcel worth millions of dollars. However a bigger chunk of the diamonds is sold formally with KP certificates but because the KP does not insist on governments accounting to the people, the proceeds vanish into thin air.”

TSTnews is reliably informed that Zimbabwe’s diamonds have been militarised, politicized and organized crime is camouflaged as a security operation to bust sanctions. This narrative has been effectively used to justify looting and lack of accountability to the people of Zimbabwe.