CORRUPTION under microscope as ZIMRA officials undercharge duty at Robert Mugabe International Airport

Zimra Commisioner General Faith Mazani
Zimra Commisioner General Faith Mazani

HARARE – Zimbabwe Revenue Authority ( Zimra) rogue officials stationed at Robert Mugabe International Airport are allegedly working in cahoots with colleagues from National Handling Services (NHS) and undercharging consignments, TST news can reveal.

By Onaishe Paloni

The rogue officials are capitalising on the current lockdown where only cargo is allowed access in and out of the country.

The culprits are liasing with clearing agents to undercharge goods from people who have sent their goods into the country.

TSTnews is reliably informed that  the culprits then share money after the process.

“They undercharged duty by three times or more and they make the clearing agents to convince the client to pay the money through the agents to the officials,” said our source.

“Businessmen who are receiving their goods especially at this time of COVID-19 talk to the clearing agents working in hand with the Zimra officials submit fake documents that they have declared their goods while they did not pay,” he added.

“The physical examination of consignment is not done properly as the Zimra staff will have been paid by the agents to undercharge the consignment,” he explained to TSTnews.

Recently, former government minister Joram Gumbo’s wife Eristinah was duped by two officials who were eventually arrested and jailed.

The convicts undercharged her duty by $1 447, as she was made to pay $489 instead of $1 936.

After noting that her duty was undercharged, Eristinah raised alarm to Gumbo, who then informed the Zimra management and ordered them to resolve the matter.

A second examination was carried out on the consignment and it was discovered that the duo had undercharged duty.

It was also discovered that on the same day, the duo met Loice Chakanyuka, who presented her airway bill and declaration form for her goods to be cleared.

The duo carried out physical examination on the consignment, which was coming from China under the name of Tapiwa.

An assessment of duty was made and a duty of $489 was made to be paid on receipt.

The goods, which included pants and headphones, were said to be weighing 80kg with a total value of $300.