Corruption stifling Zim economy

    President Emmerson Mnangagwa
    President Emmerson Mnangagwa

    Corruption remains the single most successful institution in the country, and employs several people, particularly those in high office and their hangers on.

    By Chris Dhlamini

    Media houses are doing a sterling job criticising government excesses, mostly corruption. Interestingly, as corruption thrived, its architects have feigned philanthropic inclinations, sponsoring sporting events, funding several government related activities   and campaigns, among other things.

    The government of Zimbabwe, as a bureaucratic institution, has workers who mostly survive on corruption, with syndicates who solicit bribes from publics. Those unwilling to play ball may discover, albeit late, what a waste of time it is for one to want the straight forward way of doing business. In the end, it’s underhand deals or the brown envelope that carries the day. Even the much needed foreign direct investors are not spared.

    Zimbabwe’s Anti-Corruption Commission is another big yawn; it lacks the muscle to independently deal with the rottenness that strikes first with the head of the fish

    Stiffer penalties at conviction is now the way to go for Zimbabwe. All suspects must be investigated and if necessary prosecuted, irrespective of their social status. Zimbabwe must turn the corner and do things differently if the country must chart a new socioeconomic trajectory.

    The Zanu PF government must just allow the law to operate independently.

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