Companies scramble with Donations for Chinhoyi Wizkid


CHINOYI – Zimbabwean companies are scrambling to donate various goods and services to Chinhoyi based wizkid who came to fame following his trending video complaining of missing bread while being fed with sweet potatoes.

By Liberty Makusha

This reporter made a follow up and spoke to the aunt of the boy who revealed that the boy is 3 year old Zoolian Karendo of house number 3476 Cherima in Chinhoyi.

Marondera based bakeries Proton rushed to Chinhoyi and donated bread to the family and posted pictures of Zoolian holding two loaves of bread.

Another company, Beyond Today promised to give ZOL wifi, Samsung smart phone, exercise and textbooks for all subjects.

The ‘ndakuvara nembambaira’ boy was also showered with some goodies by Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited.

‘We have found him. We are happy to announce that we found Zoolian and he received his sweet surprise. Now he can enjoy his breakfast with some hot chocolate and milk or a glass of cold Quench juice. Thank you to everyone who  helped,” posted the company with pictures of the jovial boy carrying his food.

News of the South also gathered that reputable funder in the education sector Eduloan promised to pay school fees for the amusing young boy.