Chamisa’s three great leadership traits

MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa
MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa’s three great leadership traits

Chamisa is not a retired general who is fulfilling political ambition. He is experienced in government, parliament and judiciary, three important arms of governance.

Chamisa could have focused on his good election campaign where he has got the advantage in terms of likeability and effective delivery of messages to audiences. He has gone beyond enjoying audiences to standing for values that define a mature nation. He is standing for reform of government and governance systems. He is standing for free and fair elections, and he is fighting an entrenched and arrogant system that has led to poor governance, instead of promising change without ambiguity.

when Chamisa talked about bullet trains, he was lampooned and ridiculed as liar and someone who is not focused on basic needs politics.

By Shoneboy Nembaware.

But the Bullet train idea is a signature of Chamisa’s political astuteness. A bullet train is not a mere luxury! It is an economic concept. An initiative being taken by countries with high economic growth rates. The connect of fast trains linking cities is a big idea and the mark of modern economic development.

It is about moving human capital to areas of high economic activity; it is about connecting large and small towns into ubiquitous spaces where ideas and money are exchanged. To connect Bulawayo, Harare, Mutare, Masvingo and Gweru through fast transport will create a new space for economic activity in Zimbabwe.

It is largely the new human interactions, infrastructure works, idea exchanges, urban growth and time efficiency that will create new economic zones spearhead economic growth. By floating the bullet train and intercity rapid transport network vision, Chamisa has touched the key success factor for an economic miracle in Zimbabwe.

Infact the bullet train vision is a pill that provides two cures in one dose. There is more job creation on a smart economy than in a raw material based or manufacturing economy.

Fast train, transport infrastructure, intercity connectivity, digital and high tech as well as services are the new engines for job creation and Economic Growth. It is up to voters to choose ED and his unsustainable raw material auction megadeals economic vision or Chamisa’s pioneering, globally relevant, megacity to meta-city rapid transport vision.

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Chamisa’s three great leadership traits