Chamisa vs Khupe – Battle of numbers

Khupe vs Chamisa
Khupe vs Chamisa

By Liberty Makusha

The battle to control the heart and soul of the bona fide MDC party cannot be solved by the judiciary.

Mathematicians or statisticians will tell their students that numbers do not lie and in the quest to move away from qualitative methods one can rely on quantitative methods to explain the MDC political logjam.

This can be done by juxtapositioning the two protagonists 2018 presidential results by regions or province as tabulated by the Zimbabwe Elections Commission.

Reliance on how supposedly “captured” judges interpretation of constitutions written by politicians would always leave some quarters unsatisfied.

Several legal experts have written numerous articles and opinions about the supposed implications of the recent Supreme Court judgement that nullified Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s ascendancy to power at the expense of Dr Thokozani Khupe.

Use of scientific methods, numbers included have proven more reliable and sustainable in solving problems bedevilling society from time immemorial.

In Harare, Nelson Chamisa polled 548 389 votes while Khupe had 3019, a difference of over half a million votes in favour of Chamisa.

In Bulawayo, the home province of Khupe, she got 5753 votes while Chamisa got 144 107 votes.

In the 3 provinces of Mashonaland, Chamisa dominance prevailed by 503 853 “votes to 8120 of Khupe.

In the two Matebeleland provinces where perceived tribal divide could favour Khupe, she had 17 474 votes while Chamisa polled 227 903 votes.

The trend continued unabated in the Midlands where Khupe got a paltry 4671 votes, Chamisa got 253 289 votes.

In Manicaland, Chamisa outpaced Kuphe by 291 636 votes.

Lastly, in Masvingo, Khupe was trounced by Chamisa, the former got 3017 votes and the latter got 171 196 votes.

The statistics above settle the dispute between Khupe and Chamisa.