Chamisa Has My Vote

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa
MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

Zimbabwe is set to stage harmonised elections for occupants of both the House of Assembly and Presidency on 30 July 2018.

These elections come on the backdrop of the end of former President Robert Mugabe’s 37 year rule of Zimbabwe. Mugabe had ruled Zimbabwe since 1980 at Independence.

By Tawanda Munyanyi.

Mugabe had an iron grip on Zimbabwe under the auspices of his political party, Zanu PF today stands accused of and accountable for an array of human rights violations, including accusations of murder and torture.

These crimes, including maiming of citizens, were mainly for purposes of maintaining its control on  economic, social and political sectors of the country.

Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, Land Reform Programme, 2008 Harmonised elections, are just examples of incidences that come to the mind of many citizens upon mention or imagination of Mugabe or Zanu PF. However, it is worth noting from the onset that these crimes were not committed by the man himself, he had his close allies that included the current president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He was the gentleman Mugabe and Zanu PF put in the forefront always for both national and party policy issues, and he discharged his assignments ruthlessly despite the evilness nor gravity of the injuries to the citizens. Today, after Mugabe, the same man is posing to stand for elections as the president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, a move internationally perceived as a mere attempt to legitimise his political and national governance position after ascending to it through military coup in November 2017.

In addition,because of his political background, history has it on record that there is no much, if any, meaningful economic, social nor political changes that are likely to dawn on the country due to his leadership. In this view, considering the griefs and pains the country has gone through due to his past and present bad policies, I would prefer donating my 2018 vote to a new, young, intelligent, vibrant and personality in the name of Nelson Chamisa.

He has seen it all through the politics of the country, both as an activist during the MDC party leadership of the late Morgan Tsvangirai and his stint in the government from 2009-2013 when he was minister of ICT in the then Government of National Unity (GNU).

Despite the odds of perpetrated by ZANU PF against the opposition political parties, Chamisa demonstrated a commitment to the cause for transformation and improvement of the lives and livelihoods of Zimbabweans across the divide. Him, alongside Tsvangirai, from the early stages these democratic incubation’s in Zimbabwe were bruised and terrorised, but remained steadfast and focused, a characteristic that beacons a dedication and commitment to the cause for all, a shrewd leader.

Against these leadership indicators, I believe Chamisa has what it takes to forge the future and shape of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Given his hitherto charisma, an opportunity for him to steer the sinking ship from the muddy waters caused by Zanu PF will likely see him achieve better with time and experience. The legacy left by Tsvangirai is needs a leader who has a passion for the democratic heart and soul which Chamisa seems to cherish.

It is true that he has his human weaknesses, misses the point in campaigns here and there, and may be perceived otherwise by his detractors, but an understanding and appreciation that he is human shapes the opinions of his age, and if he is given 38 years of leadership, chances are very high that what Zanu PF and others may claim to have achieved will be surpassed by stretches.

Much as l may not be alleging or insinuating that Chamisa should be another Mugabe for Zimbabwe by leading the country for 37 years, my point is a new and young dynamic leadership is beaconing for Zimbabwe at this moment, one who can re-invent the developmental wheel in the light of the global trends economically, socially and politically.

The country has lost on a number of critical developmental opportunities from across the world because of a stagnant, cruel and selfish Zanu PF leadership, which failed to realise that changes in leadership would as well embrace global opportunities alongside technological inventions that need a different face.

Investors lost patience with the government of Zimbabwe following a plethora of dubious policies like the land Reform Programme and the Indigenisation and Empowerment Policy whose beneficiaries and targets have to date been proven to have been Mugabe, Zanu PF cadres and alleged corrupt individuals like Wicknell Chivayo, Philip Chiyangwa and many others.

Corrupt ministers like Obert Mpofu remain at the helm, while the general citizenry in rural areas are languishing in poverty. Definitely, one way or the other, Zimbabweans need a new government, a new government in the hands of a capable, tested and tried politician, an intelligent and shrewd young generation, and at this day and age for Zimbabwe, the man is Nelson Chamisa.

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