Cartels’ new name is “SANCTIONS”

These cartels are the ones that are determining the exchange rate, prices of goods and they are on the centre of corruption

VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa greet Business Mogul Kuda Tagwirei
VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa greet Business Mogul Kuda Tagwirei

Cartels’ new name is “SANCTIONS”

A baby has been born in Zimbabwe, and his name is SANCTIONS”

The father of the child is CARTELS “

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

Zimbabweans are deluded from self-immolation.

A new economy has emerged in Zimbabwe, and it’s none other than ” SANCTIONS”. We need a strong dishwasher to remove all the stains and black spots on our economy. The news bulletin from 0800 hrs to 2200 hrs, it’s the sanctions mantra.

My question is are we really sincere to ourselves and genuine when we talk of sanctions? The propaganda has been put into the overdrive with jumpers in motion and dogs have been set a lover Sadc with a lot of deception, yet the answer lies in the ” corruption question”, which remain answered.

Someone will buy a mansion or even have a share on the loot through this sanctions mantra.

Cartels have captured our economy and this is sad reality :

1. Gold cartel

2. Eco cash cartel

3. Airtime cartel

4. Fuel cartel

5. Coupons cartel

6. Zinara cartel

7. Roads cartel

8. Nickel cartel

9. Diamond cartel

10. Change Money cartel

11. Hwange colliery cartel

12. Mazoe cartel

13. Command Agriculture cartel

14. Chrome cartel

15. Platinum cartel

16. Hiring planes cartel

17. Food beverages cartel

18. Helmets cartel

19. Solar energy cartel

20. Maize deal cartel

21. NSSA cartel

My simple question is w here does the issue of sanctions fit in on these twenty cartels that I have listed?

We have a hard rock to face and why should we go and scratch for small stones yet the hard rock is visible for the whole nation to see? I feel sorry for the leadership of this country because for this economy to rise, these cartels should be dismantled. They are pivots of corruption and they thrive on deception and manipulation.

These cartels are the one that are determining the exchange rate, prices of goods and they are on the centre of corruption.

I have listed just about 21 cartels and to some it’s already a register they appear in all the 21 cartels. If you list down the 21 cartels and those who are involved, you won’t be surprised that one individual is appearing in all the 21 cartels.

Gold cartel – Simon Radland who controls gold through a well-connected and certified synesthesia, Sandringham and syndicate of well-oiled machinery !

Ewan McMillan – Gold cartel as well

Billy Rautenbach captured the state through Hwange colliery, Unki deals, platinum concessions, on which he got away with 4 billion which was never accounted to the state.

So, where does the issue of sanctions come in? Did he surrender the 4 billion to the state?

He did not mine anything, rather he sold it. He was supposed to indigenise it during the 51/49 share equity, and nothing came to state coffers. 4 billion was gone. Tell us more about sanctions.

He controls Ethanol, highest in the region. He monopolized it and he never complied with the act. He is now on Western area, Hwange he mined, and nothing came out. He is now on Chirundu to do the same shoddy job. Tell us more about sanctions?

Today we have over 5.9 Billion disappearing from State coffers without any explanation in the disguise name of Command Agriculture.

I would rather suggest the name to ” Command looting”. It’s time to feast. No invoice, no voucher or receipts.

Recently over 660 million was withdrawn for fuel and the same money was thrown on the black market and rates shot up like a spring and the looters were clapping hands rejoicing over the share of the loot.

The same fuel cartel selling a litre of petrol to parliament at 10 USD per litre??

Let’s have more volume on sanctions !!!

Tozovhunduka ka !!!

Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the Head of Global Institute of Policy Analysis and Research and he is also a leading consultant in Project Management, and he can be contacted at