Another Coup Imminent in Zimbabwe.

VP Retired General Chiwenga

President Mnangagwa’s inept government is reeling under real threat from imminent coup to overthrow the strong leader barely less than 3 years after he rose to power through a military operation, TSTnews can reveal.

By Liberty Makusha

Political analysts who spoke to TSTnews reporter are in agreement that all the ingredients of another military coup are in place.

TSTnews sources revealed that the cannibalistic nature of the Zanu PF regime has reached feverish peak as Mnangagwa and Chiwenga’s factions openly tear each other.

Presidential advisor Shingi Munyeza took an unrestrained swipe at Mnangagwa’s administration calling it Satanic and oppressive, foretelling that the rulers will surely fall on their swords.

Powerful coup announcer and Minister of Foreign Affairs S. B. Moyo rubbished his counterpart Information Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi for his undiplomatic slur at Tanzanian president’s Covid-19 strategies.

” I make reference to the message of 4 May 2020 purported to have been posted on Twitter by Deputy Information and Broadcasting Services Hon. Dr. Energy Mutodi in which he compared the measures against Covid-19 adopted by Head of State of Tanzania and Zimbabwe. I wish to make it clear that this statement does not reflect the government position nor policy,” said Moyo in a statement posted by national broadcaster ZBC.

Mutodi fired back:” This shows gross incompetence at the ZBC and also goes to show how Monica and her husband Chris are abusing the state media.”

Social media commentator Jairos Majaira weighed in: ” Nick my elder brother, choose your side on time. When you see your boss @energymutodi challenging three war veterans @ministersbmoyo, Monica and Chris Mutsvangwa you know something is not right. Something is brewing in your information department. You are likely to be fired or demoted”.

TSTnews learnt that Mutodi is a member of the Chiwenga faction while the Mutsvangwas and S. B. Moyo are on Mnangagwa faction, and the two warring sides are soon colliding in an open coup.

Political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya said: “Look at what’s happening in Zanu PF as Mutodi trashes his boss. I told you there is war in Zanu PF. Those with deep understanding of what is happening know which faction Mutodi belongs to. Ignore the mug stunt.”

Another political analyst and legal guru Alex Magaisa concurs: ” There is a factional war in there. And they are out to recruit you just like they did in November 2017. Just like it ‘chinhu chedu’ it is ‘chinhu chedu’ now with the people as puppets. 2017 taught you it wasn’t just about a few individuals but the system”.

This TSTnews reporter spoke to political commentator Maxwell Saungweme who reiterated that a coup begets another coup.

” That is elite discohesion in ZANU PF regime. Once a coup happens like the case in 2017, it will repeat itself a few years down the line as former allies turn on each other as the eating table either shrinks and cant accommodate more comrades equally or has grown too big that the eating is noisy and the food is depleting. Take whatever angle, a coup is imminent,  if not now, but tomorrow because once power is procured via a coup it goes via a coup,” said Saungweme.

He added: ” Conditions are just getting there to enable a coup. Unless its cured by a truly open, free,  fair and democratic elections  a coup will remain imminent. It will just be a matter of when, who and how?”